Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Polish Design  We selected some of the finest designs to inspire you

We selected some of the finest designs to inspire you to have a great celebration of love!
HEART – PIN hanger by Oskar Zięta

“The classic PIN hanger is created by seam welding two sheets of metal and deforming it through inner air pressure using a compressor. At the temperature of 200 ºC the HOT PIN transforms from a flat 2-dimensional object gaining a bulbous 3-dimensional shape.” This way anyone can bake their own DIY hearts at home.

Chopin Sofa by Tomek Rygalik
“The strong gesture gives the form a unique design expression, where simplicity is topped with asymmetry. On the functional side it is a three-in-one – a sofa that can be split into an armchair and a chaise lounge. It can be also used as a system – giving opportunity for creating a variety of configurations and arrangements.”


Tomasz Rygalik, Sofa Chopin

“Soft, green, delicate and pleasant… Those who love hiking trips into the woods know the feeling, when after a long walk, to the accompaniment of birds and trees, you just lay down on a soft, slightly damp forest mattress and relax like never before. It’s the feeling you never forget, that’s why we wanted to give you that piece of the forest energy”.


Moss bed linen by Hayka

Crushed, rose pink tea set from Marek Cecuła 
A crushed tea set for four, in delicate rose pink, complete with a lovely teapot and four cups. The new addition to the classic crushed series invites us to celebrate tea – in two or as a double date.


tea set by Marek Cecuła

Gołębie – Ćmielów Porcelain

An iconic 1959 design of two doves by Henryk Jędrasiak for the famous Ćmielów Porcelain. It combines artisan craftsmanship and the traditional porcelain production methods with the best Polish design, turning porcelain products into true works of art.


Gołębie by Ćmielów Porcelain

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