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Stockholm: Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2017

March 23, 2017 - March 26, 2017

Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2017


SUPERMARKET is an international artist-run art fair that provides a showcase of artists’ initiatives from all over the world with the aim to display their unique projects and ideas, create opportunities for new networks on the Swedish and international art scene, and share the passion and vitality that are present in this sphere of the art world.

SUPERMARKET has been arranged since 2007 by a small group of organisers most of whom are artists themselves. Supermarket is a development of Minimarket, which was held at Konstnärshuset in February 2006 in reaction to the new commercial art fair Market.

Initiated and organised by artists, this project has rapidly evolved from a modest group of local initiatives to a full-fledged international art exhibition that has made its mark and helped firmly establish Stockholm on the art world map. Since 2015, SUPERMARKET is helt in Svarta Huset at Telefonplan.



Miłość Gallery is a private initiative founded on the borderline of activism and reflection on creating and exhibiting art. Its endeavours are based on the belief that art is a byproduct of the relationship and is imbued with the context of daily life. The gallery’s idea remains the curatorial and art project. It is authorial and non-commercial activity. It can be posited as a hybrid of the authorial and the artist-run space type of gallery, but the most important for us is to make it a living and active site related to the contemporary art. The gallery was founded in 2014 and is run by Natalia Wiśniewska (artist) and Piotr Lisowski (curator & art historian). The gallery collaborates with a YouHaveIt Foundation from Toruń. „Miłość” means in English „love”. At Supermarket 2017 Miłość presents the exhibition with the participation of six Polish artists collaborating with the gallery: Piotr Bujak, Katarzyna Malejka, Lech Nienartowicz, Liliana Piskorska, Tytus Szabelski, Natalia Wiśniewska. The show is titled “The Hygienists”. “The Hygienists” exhibition is a commentary resemblant to the “graphic journalism”, referring to the topic of the political, economic, social and institutional violence (art). In the face of the geopolitical change, the political and economic turmoil, the blurring of boundaries between global and local, the pluralism of social and cultural life, the radicalism of attitudes, there is a strong need to redefine one’s place in the public space. On the one hand, there is a movement aiming to participation and social renewal. On the other, there are processes of fencing off and controlling public space, implementing division and segregation. Before our very eyes there is a new reality shaping itself, where different kinds of attitudes and beliefs are clashing. There are growing radical tendencies overflowing with instrumental treatment of individuals, which is symbolically and provocatively emphasized by the title of exhibition. Works of artists that are presented on exhibition – based on the subversive strategy – indicate the potential, hidden control mechanisms touching the individual and the entire social groups alike. They are not creating ready-made answers but rather are putting intuitive questions about fundamental values such as freedom, tolerance, and sense of security. They raise issues related to the exclusion, ideologisation, appropriation, or domination. Paradoxically they refer both to discord and rebellion as well as anxiety and helplessness resulting from entanglement in the areas in which we do operate on a daily basis (social, cultural, political).


  • Piotr Bujak
  • Katarzyna Malejka
  • Lech Nienartowicz
  • Liliana Piskorska
  • Natalia Wiśniewska


STROBOSKOP ART SPACE is an exhibition space located in a row of old car garages attached to the housing in 6 Siewierska Street. STROBOSKOP is a uniquely experimental space established to blend and promote various and polarized artistic attitudes and creativity. It is intended to pose an alternative to the Warsaw and Polish art scene. We support ambitious and uncommon artistic endeavors and actively expand by bridging with like ventures, both locally and internationally. Though our main goal is to focus on young and emerging artists, we do not exclude cooperation with those whose careers are more established. As we do not avoid radical experiments, our OFFspace fills the gap existing in the art scene dominated by the policies of powerful public institutions and private galleries.


  • Norbert Delman
  • Franciszek Buchner


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