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In late summer, Kitchen Conversations podcast was joined by Georgian documentary filmmaker and director Mariam Agladze. Host Patrycja Rozwora first encountered Mariam’s work during the Grandmother Film Festival in Rotterdam. The program of the festival included Mariam’s first short documentary ‘Nanuli and Gogi’ (2017) – a touching story about an old couple living in a deserted Georgian village and regularly having long discussions about life and death. Some months later, Mariam and Patrycja met online, connecting Tbilisi with Berlin and recorded a podcast together. 

During the conversations, apart from covering the process of working with her half-grandparents Nanuli and Gogi, Mariam also shares the making-of her two other short films – ‘One in Seven’ (2019) and ‘Trapped Inside’ (2021,) both touching upon important, but little discussed topics of domestic violence and life with a disability. 

Her powerful 3:17 long art film ‘One in Seven’ was initially sent to a competition organised by Radio Liberty. Delving into the topic of the open call – domestic violence in Georgia – together with a friend, Mariam came up with the idea of collecting recordings of women calling 112 to report an act of violence carried out (in most instances) by one’s father, brother or husband. The recordings were then pitched down and put together against facades and insides of Georgian homes. The dreadful calls for help give the viewer an honest inside into the huge problem of domestic violence and its disregard in Georgian society and beyond. The film was uploaded on YouTube and has since been watched by more than 23K people. 

As always, the podcast concluded by talking about favourite foods from home. Mariam shares the delicious, simple and vegetarian Pkhali. 

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Artist and writer. Studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Critical Studies Department at the Sandberg Institute. Her ongoing research relates the post-Soviet countries. In 2020, she launched a podcast series called ‘Kitchen Conversations.’

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