Photo by Ros Khavro.

Lynx x Foto-Gen Gallery We are a proud media partner of Rosa Khavro's exhibition at Foto-Gen Gallery in Wrocław.

Contemporary Lynx is a proud media partner of Rosa Khavro’s exhibition “Let’s Accept What We Don’t Like” at Foto-Gen Gallery in Wrocław, Poland. The exhibition will open on 19 April and run until 9 June 2024.

Khavro is an artist who is physically fused with the techniques he uses. Hard physical labor with a chisel and with the chemical compounds of photography leave their mark not only on the materials he uses, but also on the artist’s hands themselves. The result is a clearly felt authenticity, consistency, and in-depth understanding of the medium. The moderation in the selection of works at the exhibition serves to emphasize their severity, and the opening poem by Ilona Witkowska perversely alludes to its title. The way in which Khavro’s works build his message by placing clear accents is direct and at the same time outlines a space full of understatements.

— Paweł Bąkowski, curator


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