Marta Rzepińska, Lódź Design Festival 2021, make me! competition

Marta Rzepińska and her naturally produced crayons Bubel Way to recycle leftover kitchen materials

Marta Rzepińska came up with a way to recycle leftover kitchen materials you would usually think of as straight up waste. What would those be? Green tea ground, carrot and beet peelings, outer leaves of red cabbage. For Bubel, she combines all of those with organic soy vax. The result? Unique set of crayons, that stand out not only due to the way they’re produced, but also thanks to an original bean-like shape, and even natural fragrance.

Marta Rzepińska, Lódź Design Festival 2021, make me! competition
Marta Rzepińska, Lódź Design Festival 2021, make me! competition

True to her main work focuses which are sculpture and drawing, this project invites children (and adults too) to appreciate the recycling possibilities of materials we tend to throw away without a second thought, while at the same time giving them possibility to express themselves with art. 

When it comes to her activities, Marta tries to not only design a user experience, but also convey a message of environmental consciousness with the materials used, which is clearly visible in Bubel.

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