Open Calls And Opportunities For Artists in January 2024.

Embrace the new year with fresh opportunities! Take charge of your career and turn your dreams into reality. Explore a curated list of international open calls programs that have the potential to transform your professional journey.


ERGO Hestia and the Artistic Journey of Hestia Foundation are launching the NATIONAL GRANT PROGRAMME ARTISTIC JOURNEY OF HESTIA FOR 2024.

The 2024 grant programme serves to support artistic practices and projects that allow us to better understand the challenges of the present and expand our ideas about the future, opening our minds to new scenarios of change.

The aim is to select projects for solo or group exhibitions, implemented in 2024, whose message is to reinforce the message of shared responsibility for the world we live in. The Programme’s actions should increase public awareness of the changing social and environmental landscape, activate local communities and build networks for understanding and building sustainability.

Grant amount:

The individual grant for an artist assumes the award of a maximum of two grants in 2024 in the amount of up to PLN 50,000 each.

How to apply?

Go to: 


31st January 

Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre (Finland)

Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre is geared for those interested in creating, experimenting and learning printmaking and photographic techniques. 

The Ratamo centre is designed for both professionals and amateurs. The space is also used for classes and workshops which are organized by both Ratamo and other organizations such as the Adult Education Centre (Kansalaisopisto).

One month residency program offers for printmakers:

  • free working at the printshop (except plates, papers and special materials), 
  • a grant of  300 euros for living and material costs, 
  • free accommodation at a guest room in the city.

How to apply?

Go to: and send an application form 

Deadline for applications: 

31st January 

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Belgrade Art Studio Residency (Serbia)

Art studio is open year-round, providing ARTISTS/WRITERS /CURATORS / CREATIVE PRACTITIONERS/ RESEARCHERS/SCHOLARS/THINKERS/PHOTOGRAPHERS with much-needed space and time to work on a project of their choice. The applications are reviewed by an art committee whose efforts ensure that a broad range of artistic disciplines, styles, and national origins is represented. The selection process aims to integrate artists and researchers in a spirit of openness and curiosity about creativity in its diverse forms and contexts.


Each resident is responsible for their own funding, though Belgrade Art Studio can help with this process. Financial aid package cover up to a maximum of 40% of the cost of a residency (the total amount of aid packages varies based on a combination of merit, need, and time of year; the maximum aid is more readily available for residencies scheduled between November and April).

How to apply? 

For the application, visit


2 weeks – 3 months

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Black Rock Senegal 2024 (Senegal)

Named for the volcanic rocks that blanket its shoreline, Black Rock is a multidisciplinary artist-in-residence program founded by renowned artist Kehinde Wiley in 2019. The residency brings together international artists to live and work in Dakar, Senegal for 1-3 month stays.

How to apply?

Go to:

Deadline for application: 

1st February

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All photography enthusiasts are invited to participate in the photo contest EXHIBIT YOURSELF IN CCA! The prize for the authors of the best photos is participation in a group exhibition at the CCA, which will open in April 2024.


The award is a presentation of selected photographs at a group exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń.

There is also a Director’s Award in the form of a proposal for an individual exhibition.

How to apply? 

Photographs of any subject may be entered into the competition. Each participant can submit a maximum of 6 photos. The works must be sent by email ([email protected]). Photographs qualified for the second stage of the competition must be developed or printed and delivered by the deadline to the Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń.

Go to: 

Deadline for applications:

11th February

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