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Diriyah Art Futures launches its educational programme: a concept driven and digital and technology-led creative production and training programme targeting emerging artists working in new media and digital arts.

An extraordinary opportunity to work alongside the world’s most prominent digital and new media artists in this unique, supported one-year programme. Diriyah Art Futures, a cornerstone for New Media and Digital Arts for the region, has developed its emerging artist’s programme in collaboration with Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. The center is dedicated to advancing the field of new media and digital arts by providing emerging artists with access to cutting-edge professional equipment, a production budget, as well as a wide range of multidisciplinary learning opportunities, which include theoretical, conceptual, and technical learning opportunities and personal mentorship by prominent international digital artists.


Diriyah Art Futures emerging artists programme attracts emerging creative practitioners from all over the world, with a focus on those from the Middle East and North Africa. Applicants should be 35 years or younger, at graduate or postgraduate completion stage and have experience in developing and creating digital and new media art.

Applicants can expect at Diriyah Art Futures an accessible space with exhibitions, screenings and dedicated technical labs for professional creation and innovative digital development. The centre will host throughout the year prestigious artists and international institutions engaged in new media and technology arts.

For more information read DAF Emerging Artists Programme Info and Criteria


Diriyah Art Futures is an arts, research and educational center driven by a belief in the power of interdisciplinary creative practice at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

Initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Diriyah Gate Development Company (DGCL), the center is a home for New Media Arts and a location for collaboration, speculation and production by creative communities from across the globe for research, documentation, and new work. Within the landscape of the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East and the North Africa, Diriyah Art Futures invites participation in upcoming public activities, educational programming, artistic and research residencies, and grant opportunities. Diriyah Art Futures will bridge the gap between the MENA region and the globe, amplifying the voice of the region in its engagement with art, science, and technology. Set in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Al-Diriyah, Diriyah Art Futures reflects the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to preserving the country’s unique heritage while playing a pioneering role in developing and leading new art practices that will shape the future of art and humanity.