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La Maison Kintsugi

artist residency

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The Music Room, France, 2023, image courtesy of LMK
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Location: Siran, France

Dates of residency: open during the months of April, May, June and September, October, November

Application deadline: from 1 to 5 weeks  

La Maison Kintsugi, founded by artist Garth Bowden, embodies a vision of life infused with art. This residency offers a space where creativity, playfulness, contemplation, and exchange are equally cherished, emphasizing a balance between individual practice and collective conversation. The term ‘Kintsugi,’ derived from Japanese (‘Kin’ for gold and ‘Tsugi’ for join), literally translates to ‘to join with gold.’ Symbolizing resilience and transformation, it sets the tone for the residency’s ethos. La Maison Kintsugi provides a tranquil atmosphere for artists to concentrate on their work, research, or writing.