Kamil Kotarba, Taniec w intencji pomyślnej obrony dyplomu, 2017

Performances And Performative Actions Worth Seeing Photostory

Akcja Lublin! Chapter 2 is another exhibition from the series presenting performance art, organised by the Galeria Labirynt. The curators Paulina Kempisty and Waldemar Tatarczuk selected the most significant performances and performative actions (according to them) from the gallery’s archives which took place in the past in Lublin.

At the exhibition are presented works by artists such as; Jerzy Bereś, Maria Pinińska-Bereś, Akademia Ruchu (Academy of Movement), Jan Świdziński, Zbigniew Warpechowski, KwieKulik, Ewa Partum, Józef Robakowski.


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