Mirosław Maszlanko Wieloskręty', photo: Dorota Awiorko

Photostory: 8 Land Art Festival "Holy Day"

The motto of this year’s edition of 8 Land Art Festival was “Holy Day”. According to the founder and the organiser of this exceptional event – Barbara Luszawska –  “a holy day has got many positive aspects, it is a time of building common values of peace, joy, suspending anger and differences”.

After many years, Land Art Festival gave up nature for the benefit of the rural community. The core events took place in Bubel Granna village near Janów Podlaski.

Artists representing various disciplines of visual arts such as land art, film, photography, design, performance, landscape architecture were invited to participate in the festival. Numerous artists, including Marcin Berdyszak, KatsuhikoAzuma  (JP) Leszek Mądzik, François Monnet (FR), Bettina Bereś, Marco Nones (I) Andrzej Świetlik, Noa Biran i Roy Talmon (IL) will carry out their original projects referring to the Festival’s motto.

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