Portfolio: Horacy Muszyński He combines film, performance and video art in his work.

Horacy Muszyński (born. 1994, Poznań) – Graduate of Experimental Cinema department at Sczecin Academy of Art, currently participant of De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Horacy Muszynski combines film, performance and video art in his work. With unique, experimental projects he explores the boundaries between reality and fiction and high and low culture. He introduces performance into his films; for example, actors who starred as family members in Dolly were expected to sustain family relationships off set as well. In ID, he hired an actor who replaced Horacy in real life. He also derives inspiration from the niche film production of the latter part of the 20th century. Horacy creates special effects and highly inventive visual stories, in which he applies elements from parody, B-movies and amateur movies. Underneath the absurdism and humor lies a critical look at current social themes.

Poster by Bartosz Zaskórski
ASS.DEATH.DICKS exhibition in CSW, photo by Maciej Landsberg. Poster by Bartosz Zaskórski
ASS.DEATH.DICKS exhibition in CSW, photo by Maciej Landsberg. Poster by Bartosz Zaskórski

Six actors are locked in an art gallery for a week. They are playing in a TV series about young artists working on an exhibition that is supposed to launch their artistic careers. However, what is driving them is not the spirit of collaboration, but envy and ruthless ambition. The gallery white cube is soon turning into a bloodbath. ASS.DEATH.DICKS (read: “aesthetics”) by is a metaphor for the rivalry and egocentrism which drive the art world and the society at large. Within the scope of the project the gallery space turns into an experimental film set. A group of actors spent seven days there, shooting a splatter TV series. The opening of the exhibition was also the first day of filming. Horacy Muszyński and the invited actors didn’t left the gallery for entire duration of the shooting. The artists was living and working in the Project Room space. Thanks to CCTV cameras and livestream on a big external screen, the viewers will be able to watch what is going on inside. After a week the crew left the gallery and the Project Room doors was open again, showing walls covered with blood, dirty beds, garbage, and many other elements of the set. A recording showing what was happening inside the gallery during the shooting of the series was be presented in the Project Room. The exhibition is a follow-up of project, ASS.DEATH.DICKS. Prologue, begun in 2017 at the Young Triennale in Orońsko (curators: Romuald Demidenko, Aurelia Nowak, Tomasz Pawłowski). Muszyński invited a group of strangers from outside the art world to participate in the week-long symposium. His spontaneous invitation attracted professional actors, re-enactors, and cosplayers. Inspired by discussions with the artist participants of the symposium, each of them came up with their own artistic alter ego. The outcome was a kind of mirror reflection for the Triennale artists.

Kishonia – Horror movie. A blood-curdling horror story which stands in face of Instagram Food Porn. The apocalypse has come! It has been caused by Polish pickled cucumbers. Two scientists attempt to solve the problem of a strange disease transforming people into mutant cucumbers. In the process, surprising facts about Polish silage come to light. Can humanity be saved? The short film is kept in the style of American class B horror movies and follows the classical script of the genre. However, this simple, seemingly trivial story is actually an exaggerated reflection of contemporary problems. The Polish version of film is read by one of the most known and respected voice actor, Tomasz Knapik. In the Polish mass media culture, voice actors hold a prominent position and provide inspiration for film art and related fields.

ID – Horace decides to hire an Actor, who will change him for a week. The Actor is playing Horace everywhere, at Academy, friends meetings, even in the shower. Friends of Horace are involuntarily becoming part of his film, by interacting with the Actor as if he was Horace. This leads to obvious comic situations. Horace is only directing the Actor, telling him how to act. At some point the Actor is trying to take over the film. He thinks that if he plays the role of Horace, he can become him.

Exhibition RIXT in Geppert institute, Wrocław PL, photo by Marcin Jędrzejczak
SRV#6, Shudders in the Wadden Area w Kunstruimte H47 Leeuwarden, NL, photo by David Vroom

It’s the year 2031, times of COVID-94. For unknown reasons, European seas are drying out. Filip Nowak, the Polish filmmaker, contacted a group of independent sea researchers located in The Netherlands. He decided to make a documentary film about them. This is the footage that was found. Sci-fi/mocumentary film based on Frisian myths and legends. Throughout the movie you can find a lot references concerning friesland folklore and tales, like for example friesland flag. There is also reference to modern friesland urban legend about Black Tower of Leeuwarden which is a symbol of corporate corruption, according to youth.

WOS, 2020, documentation of performacne in Center of Polish sculpture in Orońsko. In front of Sygnatura by Wojciech Fangora. photo by Leszek Golec

Art Defenders Army (pl: Wojsko Obrony Sztuki) – the general name of the artistic armed forces. It is an independent organization operating in different territories, not being part of any state. Art will not defend itself – is their motto. ADA does not deal with the creation of artistic works, but only guard existing works and the defense of exhibitions as a tribute. The first guard of honor took place at the opening of the exhibition of the 9th Youth Triennial in Orońsko. From that day on, soldiers from Art Defenders Army can appear at every exhibition. They can stand guard at any institution and honor any work of art. Currently, many new formations are emerging like: Perfomative-Defensive units or the Video-Assault brigade.

First Trial – Experimental Documentary and two sculptures. For two months I was living in famous Zakopane village in polish mountains. I was asked to make a documentary about two famous classical sculpture artists. Instead of making documentary film in classical form I decided to learn how to sculpture and document the process. As a film artist I nevered sculptured before so it was a huge struggle. This is a film about the relationship between master and student. Learning not only the technique but the philosophy of life very different peaceful life. During the video the viewer can see the progress from pice of wood to sculpture and artists are shown as masters teaching sharing their experience to a fresh young student.


Starring: Alex Wening as Fenna Jansen, Femke Valkema as Betsie Smit, Jurjen Jellema as Jitze Visser, Wytse Algra as Sjoerd Van Djik, Niek Horst as Abe Bakker, Arnold Nouta as Filip Nowak, Klaske Kok as Rixt van Oerd, Imane Ouaa as SRV Voice / Camera: Arnold Nouta / Music and Sound: Dirk Bouke van der Staal / End Credits track: Here’s Your Nickel by Ganos Lal / Postproduction: Rufus Rufson / Concept Art: Alex Wening, Marileen Oosterveld / Project manager: Arda van Tiggelen, Hillebrand Rijpma / Producer: Anton Felipa / Special thanks: Anna Lillioja, Agnes Winter, Bouke Groen, Catharina van Beijeren, Eelke van der Kooi, Heleen Haijtema, Hielke Mous, Ganos lal, Jurre Huitema, Niels Lunter, Siska Alkema / Partners: Mondrian Funds, Kunstruimte H47, New Noardic Wave, E.T Montage, De Stille Boot, Neushoorn, Media Art Friesland, Stationskwartier Leeuwarden, Cinematig Film festival, Jeroen Beekman, Damesmode, Boelstra Winkelinterieur

Soldiers: Krzysztof Szczykutowicz / Logo Project: Robert Konopski

Starring: Aneta Spirydowicz as Weronika Hass, Jacek Cholewa as Maksymilian Banach, Leszek Andrzej Czerwiński as Janusz Gloński, Dariusz Dyla as Cezary Brzeski, Olaf Neumann as Piotr Van Nuygen, Jakub Graś as Javo, Piotr Florczak as Kurator / Camera: Kamil Składanek / Sound: Piotr Bruch / Postproduction: Rufus Rufson / Music and poster design: Bartosz Zaskórski / Producer: Sara Szostak / Curator: Aurelia Nowak / Intro: Mikołaj Tkacz

Artists: Michał Gąsienica Szostak, Stanisław Cukier

Starring: Dean Osrofsky, Kira Perez Elena, Hector Navarro Agullo, Antonio Jesus Busto Algarin, Abel Aguena, Aya Sakimoto, Christopher Hermase / Sound: Piotr Bruch /Post production: Rufus Rufson / Music: Bartosz Zaskórski / Polish Dub: Tomasz Knapik

Starring: Tomasz Bieliński

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