Povilas RamanauskasPovilas Ramanauskas (b. 1987) graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. He has been working as the lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Kaunas since 2017. His main creative field is contemporary painting, objects and installations. He tries to question the limits of common understanding towards contemporary painting through the aspects of new techniques, materials and concepts of contemporary art. The idea of his artworks is to show that contemporary painting, or painting as a medium, is quite versatile on the whole: while absorbing other media, while mixing with other visual expressions, painting remains. Painting is a very large, flexible and wide-ranging medium. The main motive of his work is very simple and clear – the painting. The boundaries of painting, the search for its expansion through other media. He has been looking for different ways, surfaces, substances and shapes to extend the paint.

Shifting brushstroke, installation, 2019 Mode of life_installation detail_mixed media 2015 Mode of life, exhibition exposition, 2016 Mode of life_installation detail_mixed media 2015 Nature's fool - Artist's cool, exposition, 2017 Flexible painting, exposition, 2017 Flexible painting, 300x150 cm, acrylic and spray paint on pvc, 2019, detail Kunstraum.Hybriden_exposition_2019 Flexible painting, exposition, 2017 Shifting brushstroke_160x60 cm, 2019, acrylic and spray paint on pvc Flexible painting, 300x150 cm, each, acrylic and spray paint on pvc, 2017 Tonometer III, mixed media, 2019

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