Stay Cultured At Home: Art E-learning Edition

As you wonder how to spend another evening at home, instead of bingeing another series on Netflix, how about combining entertainment with some at-home learning? We already told you last week how to stay in touch with the art world by taking virtual tours, browsing through photo collections, and clubbing on Instagram. This week we want to introduce you to documentary films and series about art, artists, and the behind-the-scenes of art events. Maybe you can even learn how to make art!


Hustwit Documentaries

Gary Hustwit has been making his documentaries on design available for free via his website since mid-March. Each one is released on Tuesday and streamable for a week, to check what’s on right now visit:

Designers’ World

If you have a Netflix subscription, the two seasons of this show should satiate your hunger for art knowledge for a while. Abstract: The Art of Design focuses on one world-renowned designer per episode, highlighting their creative process and issues they care most about in their work which ranges from illustration to architecture to footwear design.

The Artist’s Eye

Lastly, you can check out The Artist Project produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a series of interviews with 120 artists in which they reveal their interpretations of the art pieces they find especially significant. The 120 videos consist of an interview audio track and a video montage of the discussed work, giving you a sensation of viewing the piece from the perspective of the interviewee. If you come to like the series, you can buy the book of all the interviews combined!

Paint Along with Bob Ross

While it might not be a novel discovery, it is surely worth rediscovering right now – it is hard to think of a more apt time to binge watch the therapeutically calm and optimistic Joy of Painting series by Bob Ross. Art is a known means of psychotherapy, so if you think you could use some emotional release: grab your brush and paints and follow the guide. (You’ll find all 30 seasons on the dedicated YouTube channel)

Turn Your Bedroom into a VIP Box

If you miss seeing actors and singers perform on stage, there is helping that too. Below are our recommendations for the next big night in: 

Streaming Globally

Globe TV is a treat for all the theatre buffs: a virtual video rental shop with all the Shakespeare productions by London’s Globe Theatre. Start with Macbeth if seeing someone wash their hands even more than you can bring you some relief. 

Screenshot of the website Globe Player

Screenshot of the website Globe Player

Home Opera

One of the biggest online culture hits of the past weeks have been Metropolitan Opera’s Nightly Met Opera Streams with a daily schedule of whole performances made available for free. On top of that, each stream is accompanied by a virtual panel discussion on the day’s opera piece, that you can watch before or after the main show.

And if you’d like to play pretend to the utmost, have a virtual walk through the Paris Opera or the Sydney Opera House, as you sit all dressed up in front of your screen. 

Screenshot of the website The Metropolitan Opera

Screenshot of the website The Metropolitan Opera

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