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10 Podcasts About Contemporary Art From a large pool of great contemporary art podcasts, here are ten that we think are worth a listen.

In the last twenty years, podcasts have exploded in popularity and have become a platform for people in many different fields. Contemporary art is no exception. While there are plenty of great podcasts to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of ten that cover everything from the art market to architecture to gossip. 

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a podcast. They provide a great way to have discussions about a variety of topics in an intimate setting that feels more personal than some other mediums. With so many new podcasts coming out all the time, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. From a large pool of great contemporary art podcasts, here are ten that we think are worth a listen.

A brush with… by The Art Newspaper

Hosted by: Ben Luke

Description: In each episode of A brush with…, a different leading artist shares insights into themselves with host Ben Luke. Topics of discussion range from their artistic inspirations to their favorite books to their daily routines. The guests are encouraged to really dig deep to answer personal questions, but also general ones as well, dealing with topics like the purpose of art. The first series focuses on painters, while the second series features an expanded scope of artists. There are currently 13 episodes available.


The Art Angle Podcast by artnet News

Hosted by: Andrew Goldstein

Description: The goal of the Art Angle Podcast is to delve “into the places where the art world meets the real world, bringing each week’s biggest story down to earth.” Host Andrew Goldstein takes an in-depth look at topics such as art museums and how art played into different moments in history. There are currently 73 episodes available.


ArtTactic Podcast by ArtTactic

Hosted by: Adam Green

Description: The ArtTactic Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the art market. Host Adam Green interviews members of the art market community, speaking with them about general topics in the field such as the state of the industry to more specific topics, such as art investment. There are currently 211 episodes available.


Kitchen Conversation by Patrycja Rozwora 

Hosted by: Patrycja Rozwora

Description: The host of Kitchen Conversations, Patrycja Rozwora, began researching “the forgotten and unexplored mysteries of the post-Soviet part of the world” when she was looking through a hand-written cookbook by her grandmother and noticed just how much the tastes of the West differed from those in the former Eastern Bloc. The podcast invites artists to explain their connection to this post-Soviet part of the world and how it relates to their work. There are currently 13 episodes available.


The Modern Art Notes Podcast by Modern Art Notes Media

Hosted by: Tyler Green

Description: The Modern Art Notes Podcast lists its interviewees as “artists, historians, curators, and conservators.” While many episodes are recorded in a studio, host Tyler Green will sometimes take the podcast and do episodes at various museums, featuring live audiences. There are currently 489 episodes available.


Art For Your Ear by The Jealous Curator

Hosted by: Danielle Krysa

Description: The Art For Your Ear podcast is a project that focuses on host Danielle Krysa’s self-described favourite part of learning art history: the gossip. Each episode is a chance to get to know the featured successful artist and any interesting or humorous stories they have to share. There are currently 198 episodes available.


The Artist Entrepreneur Podcast by The Artist Entrepreneur

Hosted by: Catherine Orer

Description: The Artist Entrepreneur Podcast provides its audience with a variety of useful pointers to help them succeed in art from a business standpoint. Host Catherine Orer is the founder of The Artist Entrepreneur and a Business and PR Specialist. Sharing her expertise and offering practical advice, Orer’s podcast seeks to shed some light on what artists can do in order to have prosperous careers. There are currently 23 episodes available.


Design Matters

Hosted by: Debbie Millman

Description: Design Matters is credited as being one of the world’s first podcasts. It focuses on design, but features people from all types of fields. Guests range from psychological illusionists to investors to musicians. Host Debbie Millman interviews the guests and offers an “inquiry into the broadeer world of creative culture.” There are currently 384 episodes available.


Momus: The Podcast

Hosted by: Sky Goodden and Lauren Wetmore

Description: Momus: The Podcast is a programme that focuses on criticism, but in a conversational setting. Hosts Sky Goodden and Lauren Wetmore encourage guests to speak about various issues relating to contemporary art and the modern world. Each season has had a different focus with the current season, season 4, inviting art critics and journalists to talk about a written work of theirs that is important to them. There are currently 29 episodes available.



Hosted by: Vikram Pakash

Description: ArchitectureTalk is a podcast focuses on discussions around contemporary architecture and architectural thinking. Hosted by Vikram Pakash, the podcast’s goal is the “undisciplinizing [of] architecture. It seeks a way to bring new imaginings to how we live.” There are currently 99 episodes available.


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