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5 Things To Dessire Here are five collectors’ items and hand-made objects you must have.

Do you like to be unlike anyone? Would you like to stand out among your peers? Are you looking for the inimitable gift idea? We have a perfect solution for you! Here are five collectors’ items and hand-made objects you must have.


The figurines are made of local species of wood (usually ash, oak and walnut) and coated with linseed oil. The beaks and legs are hand-forged in steel and brass. What is more important, each figurine is entirely handcrafted and so, no two of them are alike – each is unique. The wood is thoroughly polished up to bring to one’s mind the feeling of an old wooden handle smoothed by the years of its usage. These items refer visually  to folk art. Sounds cool, right? The figurines are even more stunning when experienced as real objects. They are worth every penny.


Mina is simply the face of the plate. It is all about witty grimaces and various emotions. Each original graphic is designed by artist Weronika Surma and  made by hand using serigraphy technique. Then, as ceramic decals the graphics are applied manually to the surface of the plates and fired at 850°c. Such unique plates can be used to serve dinner on it or  as a decoration..Make sure to get one (or more) for yourself!


An extraordinary giant handmade porcelain cup for cup lovers. This highly unique and creative object was designed and handmade by Liliana Sztybel in her studio – Manufaktura Porcelany in Krakow. Made of best quality French porcelain. This giant handmade porcelain cup is perfect forcaffe latte, tee, flowers or pencils. Perfect for home and office. It comes in different sizes. If you don’t like porcelain because of the necessity to handwash it, we have great information for you. These cups are dishwasher safe. So don’t hesitate!


This is a real Silesian jewellery. It is made from silver and hard coal, both displaying the hidden charm of “black gold”. Each item from the collection is handmade and unique thanks to the material itself. There are no two identical rings or cufflinks as every lump of hard coal is chipped from a bigger piece, and thus has a different shape. Wearing Hochglance items you wear a piece of rock that has already existed 300 million years ago! If you don’t like to wear the same clothes as your friend and want to be inimitable, this is your must-have.


This series of pots was created by the touch of hands and fingers. In factories, the production of forms and porcelain pots is based on machine work and any touch of a human hand is considered a mistake. Here, it is the opposite, the trace of the hand forms a shape  which is visible in the end/final product. 632 movements are needed to make such single pot, thus comes the product name. 632 series includes cups, bowls, jugs and vases. It is suitable for a dishwasher.

About twenty shapes, sometimes with barely detectable differences, it allows you to choose the desired size and shape of a dish. The series includes cups, bowls, jugs and vases. You will find something perfect for you, for sure.

All of the items, you can buy in our shop!

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