JSC Berlin. Photo by Robert Hamacher. Courtesy of Julia Stoschek Collection.

7 Collectors to Follow Online Each of them collects with a different goal in mind, but they can all help keep us in the loop about the newest art trends

Collectors have always played a significant role in the art world – they are trendsetters who actively shape the art market and influence it. But some of them are also real celebrities whose glamorous lives and eccentric behaviour resemble those of movie stars. Following their social media accounts can give us an insight behind the scenes of the art world, filled with champagne and great art.

Following our list of seven artists to follow online, we present a list of seven collectors active on social media. Each of them collects with a different goal in mind, but they can all help keep us in the loop about the newest art trends.

Julia Stoschek @juliastoschekcollection

This German collector specialises in time-based media art like video, film, performance or audio. Stoschek, who believes that art is meant to be seen, recently announced plans to make her collection available for free online. Before all the works become digitised and updated to virtual reality, you can check out some of them on the collection’s Instagram profile.

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#jscpresents Nandipha Mntambo’s SONDZELA (2008), which was first presented in the exhibition NUMBER TWO: FRAGILE, which focused on corporeality in videos, installations and photography, an aspect of art that has been explored intensively since the 1960s and 1970s, in particular within the genres of Body Art and Performance.⁣ •⁣ SONDZELA (2008) is suspended from the ceiling in a position of both supplication and defiance, its bucked head reminiscent of a rearing bull, but also of something about to take flight. A delicate tension is evoked between the residual feminine form and the physical properties of the hide. Translated, Sondzela means “Come”, a word of entreaty as well as a challenge to approach, where the figure is caught mid-movement, in an ambiguous gesture that reads as both instinctual recoil and attack. Suggestive not so much of a singular reading, this play of ambiguities between gesture and physical form, accounts for the complexity of interpreting Mntambo’s work. [Text by Bettina Malcomess]⁣ •⁣ Klara Lidén (b.1982 in Mbabane, Swaziland) lives and works in South Africa.⁣ •⁣ With #jscpresents we highlight works from the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION, which are not time-based.⁣ •⁣ Nandipha Mntambo, Sondzela, 2008, sculpture, cowhide, resin, polyester mesh, waxed cord, glass beads, 170 × 165 × 100 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town/Johannesburg.⁣ •⁣ #juliastoschekcollection #nandiphamntambo #sondzela #sculpture #othermedia @nandiphamntambo

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Yusaku Maezawa @yusaku2020

Japanese billionaire whose name made the headlines when he bought seven artworks at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, spending $98 million within two days. Maezawa later started a contemporary art foundation and put his art on public display. He is a real celebrity who recently announced he will be the first private customer to travel to the Moon with SpaceX and plans to take artists with him as part of an art project. His Instagram profile gives insight into his life filled with art and hanging out with his famous friends including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

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WISH WORLD PEACE by #YoshitomoNara

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Daniel Turriani @danielturriani

Italian art dealer and collector who owns an impressive collection of Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art. He uses his Instagram profile not only to present his artworks but also to acquire new ones for himself and his clients.

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Delivered #yayoikusama #kusama #canvas #contemporaryart #pumpkin #beautiful #lookingformore

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Michael Xufu Huang @michaelxufuhuang

This millennial collector who represents the new generation on the art market started collecting at the age of 16. He recently opened a private museum displaying his collection in Beijing which he promotes on his Instagram profile.

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Mood ??‍♂️ #CaiZebin

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Stefan Simchowitz @stefansimchowitz

Infamous American art dealer and collector who’s known for being as progressive as he is controversial. This creative businessman is an avid advocate of the online art market and claims to search for new talents on social media. He praises them for their inclusivity and tries to combat the traditional ways of dealing art by reaching out to young artists on Instagram and Facebook.

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@craigboagey I’m painting now

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Adrian Cheng @adriancheng

This young collector is the founder of the K11 Art Foundation that has already managed to build up its presence in the art world. Cheng’s ambition is “to create a contemporary Chinese culture” and a space for the new generation of Millennial art collectors.

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Art weekend collage 1. Julie Merehtu Lost in a labyrinth or seeing the universe up close? Julie Merehtu finds beauty and balance in geometry @juliemerehtu 2. Rashid Johnson Looking at life through a kaleidoscope prism of colours and shapes. @rashidjohnson 3. Bridget Riley If we condensed rainbows into minimalist lines and colours would it look like this? #bridgetriley #minimalism

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Jean Pigozzi @jeanpigozzi

The owner and founder of CAAC (Contemporary African Art Collection), the largest contemporary African art collection in the world based in Geneva. Known as the Selfie King, Pigozzi treats the art world with a pinch of salt and is not afraid to make fun of it – on his Instagram profile, he is often accompanied by his beloved dogs, Charles and Saatchi.

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