Boey Wang and his set of measuring tools Immeasurable Range reshaped for modern times An educational measuring kit that questions the standardisation and re-standardising the flexible instincts

Boey Wang designed a set of tools Immeasurable Range which may not come in handy when you’re trying to do things precisely and in a fixed, predictable, mathematical fashion. However, said tools (such as a drawing compass with a brush in place of the usual pencil, rubber ruler or 3D triangular ruler, and also a flexible bubble level) seem to perfectly reflect the tumultuous reality of life in times of COVID-19. After all, what’s the use for the mechanisms and approaches we created and used in pre-pandemic times in post(?)-pandemic world? 

LDF21 make me, Boey Wang Wang Haptics of Cooking, Netherlands
LDF21 make me, Boey Wang Wang Haptics of Cooking, Netherlands

Boey Wang is self-proclaimed designer and storyteller, and it shows. The word “hacked” usually refers to events happening in the digital domain, but it seems to be a perfect fit for what he achieves with this project. His practice aims to reframe conventional perceptions of reality and his design methodology encourages changing attitudes as an alternative solution, and however shocking those may seem in the first place, flexible attitude may be exactly what we need to cope with the modern-day world.  

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