The Art Ends When… Pulp Studio Organised The 5th Edition Of An Interactive Art Event Let`s Do It Together

The event took place on 16th of December 2012 at Pop Up Project Wrong Door at Broadway Market in London.
Let`s do it together is a participant-driven event, that encourages audiences to reflect upon arts and culture. Members of the public are asked to finish sentences or answer relatively simple questions related to art like: Who is the artist? Who is the viewer? What is the role of the art? The art ends when… etc.

The project takes a form of an interactive activity and consists of two phases: first the collection of entries/posts, then the interactive presentation/projection of the results, during which viewers again participate and submit their entries, to be included in a later publication.

The website LET`S DO IT TOGETHER is both the starting point and central element of the project. This is the main interface for participants, who are able to submit posts through the website as well as to view other entries that will be presented in the form of an online display.
Each edition has highlighted different art-related issues and each gathered over 2,000 individual responses. Different styles of presentation were involved including wall projections in galleries, murals, limited edition art objects and outdoor presentations.
More info about: LET`S DO IT TOGETHER
Let`s do it together created by PULP STUDIO Monika Waraxa, Kuba Budzyński, Bartek Bartosiński.
Collaboration:  Contemporary Lynx and Wrong Door Pop Up.

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