Issue 2 (4) 2015

Erika Hoffman ◦ Éric de Buretel de Chassey ◦ Stuart Comer ◦ Grażyna Kulczyk ◦ and more

Cover designed by Joanna Rajkowska

We hereby present to you the second print issue of the Contemporary Lynx Magazine. Working on the first edition proved to be quite a challenge, yet in the second issue, we wanted to set the bar even higher.

Contemporary Lynx focuses on the visual arts, design, photography and art collecting, but in this issue, we also show the wider impact of arts on other domains; including how visual culture affects our social life (#Selfie); how the economy can draw from the creativity of artists (Jerzy Hausner); how art becomes a way of life (Werner Jerke), and passion for art, which becomes an integral part of business (Grażyna Kulczyk).
In this issue, we also talk to international curators (Éric de Buretel de Chassey and Stuart Comer) who change the perception of Polish art abroad and write how art inspires fashion, trends in music (sound art) and design for everyday use (ceramics).

In this issue, we also show art that highlights global problems relevant to people across the world (interview with Joanna Rajkowska). We ask about the condition of contemporary art as a whole without drawing divisions among various research methods, domains and geographical locations.

Finally, we offer a look at art as a learning tool to explore cities starting from New York City and Berlin, co-created by artists from Poland and around the world. It is the geographical distance we wish to eliminate by taking you on a journey to multiple cities around the world, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Wrocław, London and Madrid. We give you an account of their vibrant atmosphere and the creativity of artists in shaping their artistic landscape.

After all, as Erika Hoffman tells us in the interview, art is an international language.


12 In the spotlight

14 Jakub Julian Ziółkowski. For Your Eyes Only


New York

25 PostcART

28 Grażyna Kulczyk. I Will Continue My Efforts to Make It Happen

32 Edward Krasiński. The Blue Stripe Appeared by Accident

34 Stuart Comer. Manifest of the Relationship



46 Erika Hoffmann. Pleasure Is as Important as Provocation of Thought, as Discovery and Insight

52 Éric de Chassey

58 Joanna Rajkowska. I Am Not an Innocent Outsider

64 Edgar Bąk. A Day in the Life

66 Jerzy Hausner. Art Meets Business. Partnership?

72 Art & Wine. Labels Created by Visual Artists

78 Size Matters. Chinese, Polish, Alternative

84 Selfie, a Confession. Art & Pop Culture

92 Crisis of Photography? Katarzyna Sagatowska / Jakub Śwircz

100 Sculpting in Fabrics. Between Art & Fashion

106 Form, texture and deconstruction. Ceramics

112 Soundlab

114 On Our Shelf



Ludwik Markus


  • Griffin Art Space



  • Dorota Czerner,
  • Julita Deluga,
  • Anna Dziuba,
  • Monika Kozub,
  • Magdalena Niedużak,
  • Paulina Olszewska,
  • Anna Prokop,
  • Anna Tomczak,
  • Monika Waraxa,
  • Magdalena Anna Zięba


  • Mateusz Szczypiński

LYNX Team:

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