Issue 1 (11) 2019

Sensory Experience

Marina Abramović ◦ Pakui Hardware ◦ Maisie Cousins ◦ Taboo in Art ◦ and more

Cover designed by Sam Bompas and Harry Parr

In this issue we focus on art that impacts on all the senses and its interaction with a viewer. We present a series of essays concerning taste, smell, hearing, sight, touch, as well as new senses such as the awareness of time passing or of our body position. However, the first step into sensory experience is our lenticular wobbling jelly cover, designed by Sam Bompas and Harry Parr — the leading experts in multi-sensory experience design.

The issue also features interviews with the guru of performance art, Marina Abramović, as well as with the artistic duo Pakui Hardware (Neringa Černiauskaitė and Ugnius Gelguda) on their confusing and uncanny organic-industrial art installations. We also present a portrait of Maria Pinińska-Bereś, a still undiscovered and somewhat forgotten Central European artist, whose art can be placed alongside pioneering works of the 1960s and 1970s. An investigation carried out as part of an article entitled ‘Taboo in Art’ will unravel the controversial topics that the art world never talks about. A moment of relaxation and a real feast for the eyes will impart a beautifully arranged visual essay where everything flows in the sticky, hyper-saturated photographs of Maisie Cousins. Fashion enthusiasts will enjoy Armada Terror in a photo shoot by Michał Korta organised exclusively for us, while those who are up-to-date with the latest technologies will appreciate an overview of designers whose activities are aimed at improving our bodies. With sensory experiences in mind, we have also prepared something for our youngest readers.





ARTISTS / Close-up

18 Marina Abramović. In the Hands of the Viewers

24 Pakui Hardware. Scientists and Shamans

34 Maisie Cousins. Special Feature

44 Tactile Action at a Distance. Maria Pinińska-Bereś

50 Armada Terror. For Your Eyes Only


5 Senses and Beyond

58 Taste It! The Bliss of Eating Art

66 Dawning. An Etiological Fairy Tale

70 The Architecture of Listening

72 The Future Is Haptic

74 Juice. Visual Story

86 Fresh Sensations. Newly Discovered Senses and Their Use in Art

92 Beyond Our Comfort Zone. The Aesthetics of Disgust

TREND-SPOTTING / New Culture Codes

98 To Free Oneself From the Restraints of the Body

106 WRO Media Art Biennale

108 Piotr Krzymowski. A Day in the Life

110 From Europe to Asia. Art & Diplomatic Relations

112 Open Group. Dream or the Shadow of Dream

114 Force Field

116 The Power of Love


123 Cluj-Napoca. A City That Is Serious About Culture

COLLECTING / Treasure Hunt

132 Valeria Napoleone. Her Taste, Her Instinct, Her Heart

138 Freedom and Distance. An Interview with Paweł Kowalewski

140 PURO Hotel’s Collection

144 Fruitful Marriage. Public Collections and Art Market

148 We Are All Responsible for the Art. Polswiss Art & 30 Years of the Art Market in Poland

TIPS / Shaping the Future

154 Taboo in the Art World

162 On Our Shelf

166 Calendar / Travel Tips


  • Dobromiła Błaszczyk,
  • Anna Dziuba,
  • Oliver Gudgeon,
  • Oskar Hanusek,
  • Kamil I,
  • Michał Korta,
  • Sylwia Krasoń,
  • Maggie Kuzan,
  • Maja Lorkowska,
  • Aleksandra Mainka-Pawłowska,
  • Maria Markiewicz,
  • Alex Mirutziu,
  • Małgorzata Miśkowiec,
  • Kamila Naglik,
  • Roma Piotrowska,
  • Michalina Sablik,
  • Grażyna Siedlecka,
  • Anna Tomczak,
  • Marek Wołyński,
  • Kuba Żary

LYNX Team:

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