New issue of our magazine is already on sale The issue focuses on the theme of 'movement.'

The new issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine focuses on the theme of ‘movement.’ In this issue, we explore a wide range of phenomena related to this idea, but we will not stop at movement itself, we will explore the notions of stillness, rhythm and dance, performance, as well as delving into the topics of animated and stop-motion films, design and collecting.

Each time, we invite an artist who stands out and breaks the accepted framework of their chosen field of art to create a unique cover for Contemporary Lynx Magazine. This issue is no different. We begin our journey with a playful collaboration on the cover — a board game by Ola Jasionowska, who challenged the cover formula, changed its role, and went beyond the traditional patterns. She inverted the flat surface of an art magazine cover and created an interactive board game that tells the story of one of the key types of movement in the art world  the development of an artistic career. Through play, we want to focus your attention on the artist’s journey, from graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts through the different stages of career development, as well as across  the various obstacles and problems they face. While the players’ adventures on our board may seem entertaining, in the real world they involve hard work, life-changing decisions and meaning. The cover is no longer for us, the publishers; it is for you — our readers. 


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