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review Break My Art, event, Warsaw, photo: Kamila Szuba

Mariusz Tarkawian: Pencil And Paper

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 18, 2019

The winning artist Michalina Bigaj at the event in Warsaw photostory

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 18, 2019

Miami Beach: Foksal Gallery Foundation; Contemporary Lynx

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 30, 2018
Interview Masza Iwaszincowa

Women Behind Or In Front Of The Camera On The Magic And Soul Of Analogue Photography

Anna Nowok Oct 06, 2018
review studio rygalik

Subjective Guide To Vienna Contemporary And Other Satellite Events. Check it out.

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 24, 2018
review the four monumental lions in Trafalgar Square (2)

Design Flows Through London’s Veins. Highlights Of London Design Festival

Marek Wołyński Sep 19, 2018
review Views from the installation “Ruins of my dreams” by Marta Krześlak, courtesy Marta Krześlak.

Young Graduates From Polish Arts Academies To Watch See Our Top Favourites!

Michalina Sablik Aug 16, 2018
Contemporary Lynx london event

London: ‘Home Girls — Women Redefining the Domestic Sphere’ – event

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 01, 2018
Interview Zorya, Virus Crystallized Cluster Necklace, 2014, linen flax rope, white crystals,

Czech Contemporary Jewellery In London Electric and cosmopolitan design made in the traditional crafting process

Sylwia Krasoń May 30, 2018
Interview Wild at Heart. Portrait and Self-portrait in Poland after 1989

A Personal Revolution. In Conversation With Sylwia Serafinowicz

Dobromiła Błaszczyk May 21, 2018
review ‘Word Lies — Eye Never. Modernity in Polish Photography 1918–1939’, exhibition, The Polish Institute in Budapest.

The Camera Sees And Records Everything: A Tour Of Budapest

Anna Nowok May 14, 2018
Interview Participating Artists, The Project Room 2018, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, photo Karolina Zajączkowska

The Project Room: Searching For New Phenomena In Art Małgorzata Ludwisiak in conversation with Contemporary Lynx.

Dobromiła Błaszczyk May 12, 2018
frieze 2018 new york

New York: Maria Anto, Contemporary Lynx, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Natalia LL, Krzysztof Wodliczko

Contemporary Lynx Team May 02, 2018
Art Brussels, 2018, photo Contemporary Lynx


Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 25, 2018
review BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, photo Yannick Sas

Art Brussels 2018 And Other Must-see Shows In The City

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 16, 2018
review Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes

6 Art Competitions Worth Knowing The great opportunities for artists

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 12, 2018
review TOP 10 ARTICLES OF 2017

Top 10 Articles Of 2017 Find out

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 30, 2017
review Art Basel Miami Beach logo

Our Subjective Guide To Art Fairs And Exhibitions In Miami Beach The 16th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach

Michalina Sablik Dec 04, 2017
review 'Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums’ edited by Myram Omidi, published by Fuel, 2017

Four Photobooks On Different Types Of Journeys Enjoy the ride.

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 23, 2017

Warsaw: Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Pola Dwurnik, Berenika Kowalska, Beata Małyska, Cezary Poniatowski, Michał Zawada

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 30, 2017
review Tartaruga, images by Maria Fiter / crea-re studio, London Design Fair, September 2017.

London Design Fair: Polish Designers In The Creative Heart Of London

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 04, 2017
review Slow Anti-energy drink by Opus B

What To Read This Week: 29 May – 4 June

Contemporary Lynx Team May 29, 2017
review What to read this week Marine Le Pen (2012) by Wilhelm Sasnal. All images courtesy of the artist and Anton Kern gallery

What To Read This Week: 1-7 May

Contemporary Lynx Team May 01, 2017
art brussels

Art Brussels 2017: Contemporary Lynx, Iza Tarasewicz, Sławek Pawszak, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 03, 2017
review Contemporary Lynx Magazine 1(7)2017

A Life In A Weekend Making The Lynx Cover

Maggie Kuzan Apr 12, 2017
Monika Sosnowska, View of studio, Warsaw, Poland, 2016. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photograph by Bartosz Górka.

Austin: Monika Sosnowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 17, 2016
bunkier sztuki contemporary lynx

Krakow: online content versus printed pages.

Dobromila Jul 07, 2016

Alicja Patanowska. The Splendid Revival Of Ceramics

Sylwia Krasoń Apr 17, 2016
Interview Food Think Tank

Food Think Tank Love Affair Between Art & Food

Sylwia Feb 20, 2016
profile Natalia Załuska,

Natalia Załuska. Meaning In Minimalism

Anna Nowok Feb 13, 2016
essay Bownik, Den, photography

Bownik. Things In Themselves His large-format photographs deal with youths, reconstruction of values and the impact of technology on everyday life.

Sylwia Jan 28, 2016

Five Young Contemporary Artists To Watch

Sylwia Sep 22, 2015

London: World Goes Pop

Sylwia Sep 19, 2015

Kantor’s Return Marc Glöde On His Exhibtion ‘Inbetween Structures’

Maja Lorkowska Sep 04, 2015

London: Zabludowicz Collection, Balka, Dawicki

Sylwia Jan 26, 2015
review Laura Pawela, Past Present Continuous, 2010, Video, Courtesy of IMT Gallery London

Laura Pawela "Fake Films and a Few Frames More" the exhibition of video works

Ania Ostrowska Dec 02, 2014

London: Laura Pawela

Sylwia Nov 13, 2014

Contemporary Lynx Magazine #2 The second issue of our Magazine is out

Dobromila Aug 14, 2014

Anna Baumgart And Her Historiography Art

Dobromila Jul 30, 2014

Liste Fair Art Comes As Natural As Grilled Sausages For Lunch

Monika Kozub Jul 26, 2014

Birmingham: Points of View

Sylwia Jul 19, 2014

Masks, Faces, Voices, Space Piotr Skiba

Dorota Czerner Jul 19, 2014

Restoring Scraps Interview with Tatiana Wolska

Anna Tomczak Jul 08, 2014

Mirosław Bałka: Journey Into The Infinite Melancholy Of Being

Dobromila Jun 25, 2014
Interview Adrian Kolerski

“This Is Not About Me. It’s About The Images.” Interview With The Artist Adrian Kolerski

Dobromila Jun 07, 2014


Sylwia May 23, 2014
review Aleksander, Sasnal

Aleksander – Portrait Of The Simple Man Second film by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal.

Monika Waraxa May 31, 2014

London: Borowczyk

Sylwia Apr 23, 2014

Postcart: Daria Witkowska Christie’s Auction House

Sylwia May 10, 2014

Guided Tour Of Marek Piasecki’s Exhibition Mummery + Schnelle In London

Sylwia Apr 30, 2014

Who Needs Art Today? Agnieszka Kaluzinskad present her approach towards the contemporary art ecosystem.

Monika Waraxa Apr 23, 2014

In Crisis Between Past And Present. Angelika Markul At Palais De Tokyo

Anna Tomczak Mar 25, 2014

Tel-Aviv: Themerson

Sylwia Mar 05, 2014

Piotr Skiba And Magdalena Zięba About “Man, That Negro Stole My Show!”

Sylwia Krasoń Mar 19, 2014

Art Is A Need For Touch A Conversation With Dorota Buczkowska

Zofia Cielątkowska Mar 06, 2014

Marek Piasecki An Eccentric And Visionary Artistic Phenomenon

Dobromila Mar 01, 2014

Kama Sokolnicka About Her Dreams, Memory And Fascination With Human Behavior Interview

Anna Tomczak Feb 26, 2014

„Somewhere Between - Mateusz Szczypiński & Benjamin Bronni” Galerie Parrotta Contemporary Art In Stuttgart

Dobromila Feb 20, 2014

In My Work, I Am Trying To Draw Attention To Creativity As A Product Of Collective Intelligence And Complex, Nonlinear Processes Interview with Agnieszka Kurant

Sylwia Krasoń Feb 06, 2014

Participation Not Necessary. Where The Beast Is Buried: Book Launch At The Showroom

Ania Ostrowska Jan 22, 2014

Contemporary Lynx Magazine 01 January 2014

Dobromila Jan 02, 2014

Degrees Of Freedom. Experimental Site-specific Performance By BNNT

Sylwia Dec 23, 2013

Postcart: Mary Ceruti An Executive Director And Chief Curator At Sculpture Center

Sylwia Dec 14, 2013

Paweł Althamer In New York. Part II Performa13

Sylwia Krasoń Dec 07, 2013

“Where The World Makes Its Home In A Single Nest” Goshka Macuga Responds To Tagore’s Legacy

Sylwia Krasoń Nov 25, 2013

“Fine Gesture” The Conversation With Marcin Maciejowski

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Nov 18, 2013

Jerzy “Jurry” Zieliński: The Polish Phoenix Exhibition in Luxembourg and Dayan Gallery

Monika Waraxa Nov 13, 2013

Contemporary Lynx Report On Frieze Art Fair 2013

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Nov 02, 2013

Contemporary Lynx talks to Mateusz Szczypiński Emerging artist from Cracow

Sylwia Krasoń Feb 25, 2013


Dobromiła Błaszczyk Feb 24, 2013