Matej Al-Ali, “Conservation of mass” exhibition, The MAK Gallery, London, 2019.

Photostory: Matej Al-Ali “Conservation of mass” exhibition

Contemporary Lynx team had a pleasure to see the first solo show in the UK by Matej Al-Ali the Iraqi-Czech artist based in Prague.

His works use craft and industrial production to articulate the current transformation of our understanding of matter. Reality is being extended to virtuality on an everyday basis, so our minds are wiping off the differences between what is actual, substantial and what is virtual. In his installations the mass of sculptures is not bound to a particular shape; it can be understood as a circulation in the process of creation or destruction. This circulation flows from the actual to virtual, transforming one into another. By this means, sculpture is presented in both states; actual and virtual, at the same time.

The exhibition was organised by the MAK Gallery.

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