Say Hello From Your Studio: Marta Krysińska

Marta Krysińska is a graphic designer who also works in areas of painting and photography. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin as well as the Artistic Education Institute at APS in Warsaw. In her works she focuses on exploring the condition of the contemporary man submerged in a digital world. Read our interview to find out what inspires and motivates her the most and what she does to relax after work. 

Marta Krysińska

Marta Krysińska

What is your morning routine? 

The most important part of my morning routine is a decent and balanced breakfast. When I boil water for the tea, I take a moment to water my plants. I have a lot of plants and I have to say ‘Good morning’ to all of them (haha). 

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at your studio? 

I drink a glass of water and look through the news. 

Do you prefer Instagram, Facebook, or no social media at all? 

Instagram, Instagram is my diary. 

Marta Krysińska, studio Marta Krysińska

Which magazines and books do you read? 

My scope of interest is quite wide, from lifestyle magazines to specialized art press. When it comes to books, I mix everything from books about art, philosophy, design all the way to adventure and documentary. 

Which three objects would you say are essential to your work? 

People, a pencil and lots of sunshine.

What are your favourite tools to help you get the job done? 

A tablet and sun.

What inspires you and motivates you to get your work done? 

Exhibitions and the energy that you can find in art. A lot of art and fashion. 

The other thing is second-hand stores. It is where I not only find clothes or objects that I give new life to but also the infinite number of stories found in these things. Looking at them, I love to create a story in my head about people who have touched and used them before. This is how I once found a signed kid’s t-shirt which was the beginning of a book about alien abduction. 😉 

Marta Krysińska

Can you tell us a funny story from your work? 

My life is full of funny moments. There would not be enough space for it here. 

What is the project you are working on right now? 

I’m finishing a few projects now and I’d like to do ceramics next, but that concept/project is still at its early stages

What do you love about your job? What don’t you like? 

I love the changeability of it, it’s never the same. 

Do you prefer hand-made or mass-produced? 

Love hand-made. 

Marta Krysińska

Do you work individually or with a team? 

It depends on the project. Sometimes I like to close myself in and work alone, and sometimes I find working in a team very refreshing and inspiring. 

How do you rest and relax after work? 

Yoga, taking walks, and a good movie or a book in the evening (all in all, trivial things).

Do you have any advice for anybody who wants to work in your field? 

Listen to their inner voice. 

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Marta Krysińska Marta Krysińska Marta Krysińska Marta Krysińska

Nigdy więcej Makaronu from marta_owca_krysińska on Vimeo.
Marta Krysińska Marta Krysińska Marta Krysińska

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