Monika Sosnowska

Interview "City Limits" exhibition, courtesy by The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko

Beyond the City’s Limits: In Conversation with Sergio Edelsztein, Curator of the City Limits Exhibition at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko

Maria Markiewicz Dec 17, 2021
Interview The Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts visiting the private Collection Sanziany at the Rasumofsky Palace during Vienna Contemporary Art Fair, 2019, photo by Michalina Musielik

We Can Build It Together The Society for Encouragement of Fine Arts in the Zachęta Gallery

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Feb 18, 2021
review The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

5 Polish Artists At The Rebooted MoMA In New York

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jan 22, 2020
Foghorn exhibition

Białystok: “Foghorn” – exhibition

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 26, 2019
monika sosnowska exhibition

Berlin: Monika Sosnowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 01, 2019
exhibition london

London: Robert Irwin, Alicja Kwade, Monika Sosnowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 31, 2018
review Queuing for Alex Baczynski-Jenkins Frieze Artist Award 2018

Polish Presence At Frieze London The winner of this year’s Frieze Award, women, performative shift and Polish artists living abroad.

Roma Piotrowska Oct 19, 2018
review Athi-Patra Ruga, Night of the Long Knives I, 2013. Courtesy Athi-Patra Ruga and WHATIFTHEWORLD, Courtesy 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Highlights Of Frieze Week London 2018

Marek Wołyński Oct 01, 2018
friend of a friend berlin

Berlin: Friend of a Friend

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 29, 2018
review photo I Never Read

Our Subjective Guide Art Fairs And Exhibitions In Basel

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 13, 2018
Monika Sosnowska exhibition

London: Monika Sosnowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Dec 27, 2017
Monika Sosnowska, View of studio, Warsaw, Poland, 2016. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photograph by Bartosz Górka.

Austin: Monika Sosnowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 17, 2016
Monika Sosnowska

Indianapolis: Monika Sosnowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 14, 2016
Prague 2016, photo Slawek Kozdras


Dobromila Sep 17, 2016
Art Basel 2016 – TREASURE HUNT

Art Basel 2016 Treasure Hunt

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jul 28, 2016
Common Affairs

Berlin: Revisiting the VIEWS Award the award initiated by Deutsche Bank and the Zachęta

Dobromila Aug 18, 2016

Polish Artists At Art Basel 2015

Dobromila Jul 21, 2015

Beyond The White Cube. Highlights From Gallery Weekaend Berlin 2015

Marek Wołyński Jun 17, 2015

Report On The 56th Venice Biennale interview

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jun 16, 2015

Porto: Sosnowska

Dobromila Jan 09, 2015

Tokyo: Sosnowska

Dobromila Jan 09, 2015

Contemporary Lynx’s Top 10 Of 2014 We are proud, that we write for you.

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jan 01, 2015

Art Collectors Can Feel As If They Have Entered A Lavish Museum Boasting An Array Of Art Collections Frieze Art Fair 2014

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Nov 10, 2014

Monika Sosnowska At The Atelier Calder An Interview With Dorota Czerner And Alexander S. C. Rower, President Of The Calder Foundation

Dorota Czerner Sep 22, 2014

New York: Monika Sosnowska

Sylwia Aug 20, 2014

Saché: Sosnowska

Dobromila Jul 16, 2014


Dobromila Jul 02, 2014

Berlin: Sosonowska

Dobromila Jan 09, 2015

Miami: Sosnowska

Dobromila Feb 25, 2014

Contemporary Lynx Report On Frieze Art Fair 2013

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Nov 02, 2013

Ewa Łączyńska–Widz Director Of BWA Tarnów Talks About Her City, People And Contemporary Art

Sylwia Krasoń Aug 12, 2013

Polish Artists At Art|44|Basel 2013

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jul 13, 2013

“Twisted Entities” Contemporary Lynx Talks To Stefanie Kreuzer, The Curator Of This Exhibition

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Mar 19, 2013