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The Most Extraordinary Art Residency Programmes To Apply Now Located Away From Urban Centres

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Are you an artist or a writer? Looking for a new challenge in 2018? See the list of art residency programmes in breathtaking locations from around the world. The deadlines are coming soon.

1. In the jungles and on the beaches of Mexico

Space for visual, literary and performing artists to be inspired by the jungles of the Mexican Caribbean

Akumal International Artist Residency offers a jungle playground to explore and create, all surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. This programme is suitable for community-minded people and talented artists. They offer weekly salons of works in progress and an end-of-residency exhibition in which to share the final work with the community.

Application deadline: 10 Feb 2018

Apply here:

More information:

2. Pastoral Land in Clermont in the US

Residency 108 particularly welcomes artists who work with nature, ecology and landscape

The programme takes place on 108 acres of pastoral land which was used as a horse farm in the last century. The property features rolling hills, mowed paths, meadows, densely wooded forests, wetlands with a few ponds of varying size and a seasonal stream. The residency is located in a remote area without public transportation.

This programme is ideal for artists who wish to engage with the landscape and prefer isolation to interaction. If you require constant contact with “civilisation” this may not be the programme for you.

Application Deadline: 26 Feb 2017

Apply Here:

More information:

Pastoral Land in Clermont residency

3. On A Farm in Canada

Dance two feet in the Spring” 7 days -7 artists -7 media – a collective experience on a farm in Qc.

Are you an artist or a craftsman who wishes to experience a collective and in situ residency on a farm in the Eastern Townships of Canada?  RURART is what you are looking for.

Since 2012, RURART has offered artistic residencies in a rural context. Its mission is to reconnect people with nature and agriculture via the medium of art. The residencies take place either in groups each season and at specific dates (Production in residency program), or upon request from April to October (Research in residency program).

Application deadline: 21 Feb 2018

Apply here:

More information:

Canada Rurart, art residency

4. In the Amazon rainforest

Unforgettable and profound experience in the Amazon rainforest for artists from all over the world.

Designed for artists and creators who are eager to reflect on nature and landscape. The programme is run by LABVERDE and takes place in the Amazon rainforest. The journey by boat to the heart of the Amazon region allows artists to explore different scales and perspectives of the rainforest and participate in the debate on environmental issues.

Application deadline: 07 Feb 2018

More information and application:

5. In the National Park of Guna Yala in Panama.

A programme for arts and cultural projects dedicated to ecology and community. It aims to develop through connections to remote environments on our planet.

La Wayaka Current has just launched the 2018 artist-in-residence, interchange and research project at Tropic 8°N in the autonomous province and National Park of Guna Yala, Panama. Participating artists will be selected from all around the globe to work on self-directed projects with correlating themes that respond to this environment. Invited artists will be sharing and working together in a communal setting in this exceptional environment. Artists are offered a remote and wild location with indigenous cultures.

Application deadline: Open Call

Apply Here:

More information:


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