Top 6 Gift Ideas Which Will Charm Everybody

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your close one or maybe just want to make yourself happy? It makes no difference – we have some prompts for you. Below, you can find unique and outstanding gift ideas, which will charm even the most particular person.

1. A poster designed by Vadym Solowski

A poster designed by Vadym Solowski will gives a new character to your apartment. It also can be a unique way to express yourself. Vadym Solowski is a nuclear power engineer who became a successful illustrator. His creative and well-designed works have been awarded multiple times, including at the World Illustration Awards 2019, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best of 2018 and A’Design Award 2016. The posters are printed on high-quality Paper, Photo Mat Premium.

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2. Ceramics designed by Mosko Ceramics

These creative, elegant ceramics are hand-made. The wealth of design and colour will captivate anyone. The Mosko Ceramics’ hallmark are gilded elements. If you are a collector, these ceramics should be a great choice for you. Due to the nature of the technique, each piece has its inimitable pattern. What’s more, a lot of designs come in multiple colour choices.

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3. A poster designed by Blueberrythinks (Jagoda Stączek)

Jagoda Strączek loves little things. These seemingly irrelevant things which you have to carefully observe. The cuttings, scraps and worn-out paper of old magazines and herbariums. Playing with meanings, changing context, taking something out its form and natural environment, and observing the collision. That’s why she loves collage so much and exactly how the idea for her unique collages was born. Jagoda Strączek’s work focuses on posters, mostly collages, press illustrations, graphics, drawings and amateur analogue photography. Her works were published in magazines such as Newsweek Psychology, KMAG or Zwierciadło. Sounds cool, right? And what if I say that the posters are even more beautiful when you can see it as real objects? They are worth every penny.

All of the posters are printed on high-quality paper Photo Mat Premium.

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4. A card designed by The Papear Stationery

We believe that your wishes deserve a special setting. So, there’s something you need to pay attention to – the cards designed by Papear Stationary. They manufacture unique and charming greeting cards, decorated with the most entrancing and creative patterns. The cards are almost entirely done by them: they design the patterns, line the envelopes inside, assemble the sets, paying attention to every detail on the way. What is more, you can freely choose the dedication or sentence imprinted on the belly band. The perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humour and appreciative of artful design. This is a „must-have” of this season!

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5. Bed linen designed by Hop Design

One of the most outstanding bed linens to choose from. The bed linen designed by Hop Design is decorated with modern and creative, well-designed patterns. Their bed linens are made of satin, weaved 100% cotton with a soft and smooth quality, making them incredibly comfortable to sleep in. What is more, ethical work is key for the studio (Kinga Chmielarz and Konrad Hulak), as they cherish their long-term cooperation with family-run businesses. To establish a cleanly styled and catchy look, the packaging uses a satin pouch, which can be easily re-used in several ways. It’s the perfect way to store your lingerie or any other precious belongings. Moreover, the Hop Design studio has prepared a dedicated colour of the pouch bag for each Graphic Collection design.

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6. The ceramic bong designed by Anna Miau Ceramics

This handmade bong can be used just like a bong or a perhaps a vase… or maybe you will be able to find another purpose for it. The bong has two variants: white or decorated with blue strips. It’s made with high-quality porcelain and designed by Anna Miau, who is a Warsaw/Berlin-based artist.

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