If you are looking for unusual Christmas gifts, we are happy to help with our gift guide for Polish design lovers.

FIDU Christmas Trees by Oskar Zięta

FIDU Christmas Trees are a special, limited edition design pastiche from Oskar Zieta especially for Christmas. Special folk look differentiates them from the regular research projects of Oskar Zieta and contributes to what Christmas is about, but it can be achieved only by the possibilities of the innovative FIDU technology and its constant development. FIDU Christmas Trees are available each year in different colours and only in a very limited amount. This year they have been made in shiny steel, rusted steel, lacquered matte steel and the glamorous Teflon gold.

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Oskar Zieta, FIDU Christmas Trees ,photo

Oskar Zieta, FIDU Christmas Trees, photo

Användbar – A Terra Cotta Sprouter to Grow Microgreens, IKEA collection by Maja Ganszyniec

Commissioned by IKEA, designed by the Polish designer Maja Ganszyniec (Studio Ganszyniec), in this terra cotta sprouter you can grow your lentils or bean sprouts. The porous red clay keeps the sprouter damp, which helps the sprouts to grow. The glazed bottom tray collects excess water. Perfect gift for urban apartment dwellers.


Användbar, A Terra Cotta Sprouter to Grow Microgreens, by Maja Ganszyniec

Socks by Many Mornings

Many Mornings socks combine decades of experience in the Łódź textile industry with a unique approach to design and a love for a well-made product. Unique patterns, wit, bold colour palettes made the brand outstanding. But what make the socks even more special, they are mismatched. Picked this year as the ‘Must Have’ by Lodz Design Festival’s jury.


Many Mornings, socks


Many Mornings socks

Desk lamp Mizuko by Crea-re Studio

Mizuko is a name of a series of lamps made from paper mache. Mizuko in Japan means “daughter of water”. The minimalistic shape of the lamp shade and its light weight recalls the association with a drop of water, which gently and slowly slides from a leaf and falls again into the water. Mizuko desk lamp is ecologic, it is made from old newspapers and wood. You can choose the colour of the lampshade between dozens of available colours and match it with your own interior. Handmade in Spain.

Desk lamp Mizuko Green by CreaRe Studio

Desk lamp Mizuko Green by CreaRe Studio


Spinacz, Pendrive by Poorex

The USB pendrive memory in the form of typical wooden clamp. It can be easily fastened to clothes, thus forming an amusing decoration both for women and men. This item combines both tradition and modernity and such combination was an important consideration during design phase.

spinacz poorex

Spinacz, USB pen drive, designed by Poorex, photo: J. Pierzchała

Spinacz, USB pen drive, designed by Poorex, photo: J. Pierzchała

Spinacz, USB pen drive, designed by Poorex, photo: J. Pierzchała