Polish design

review Aurelia & Zwei Frauen

Targi Rzeczy Ładnych - Independent design fair in Warsaw Special selection of Polish design brands and current trends

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 01, 2022
review Mina ceramics

Mina Ceramics: Say hello from your studio

Sylwia Krasoń Oct 19, 2019
review Niech żyje papier Warszawa 2019

Long Live Paper Art Fair

Paulina Prońko Oct 04, 2019
review Anna Miau Ceramics

Anna Miau Ceramics: Say hello from your studio

Anna Nowok Aug 19, 2019
review blackbird kuźnia skały design Marcin Skalski

Kuźnia Skały: Say hello from your studio

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 10, 2019
review Łódź Design Festival 2019

What We Loved At The Łódź Design Festival See the photos

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 04, 2019
review magdalena konior

Wzory Design Fair In Warsaw photostory

Contemporary Lynx Team May 17, 2019
Interview unnike design

Unikke Design: Say hello from your studio Behind this jewellery brand stays Olga Guzik – a designer who is on the constant search for new solutions

Michalina Sablik Apr 15, 2019
MYCOsystem, Małgorzata Gurowsk

Milano: “The MYCOsystem” – exhibition

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 13, 2019
targi rzeczy ładnych

London: Targi Rzeczy Ładnych

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 05, 2018
Exhibition in Milan. 1959. Wojciech Zamecznik

Milan: ‘Back to Front’ exhibition

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 13, 2018
review Łódź Design Festival

Notion Of Novelty Photo Story From Łódź Design Festival

Anna Nowok Oct 21, 2017
review Tartaruga, images by Maria Fiter / crea-re studio, London Design Fair, September 2017.

London Design Fair: Polish Designers In The Creative Heart Of London

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 04, 2017
essay d-file rajmund hałas

Rajmund Hałas D-file #6

Ania Diduch Aug 30, 2017


Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 10, 2017
review oskar zieta, christmas FIDU trees

5 Ideas For Christmas Gifts If you are looking for unusual Christmas gifts, we are happy to help

Sylwia Dec 08, 2016
kosmos projekt

Stockholm: Kosmos Project

Sylwia Jan 27, 2016

Milan: DO IT YOUR WAY! Polish Design in Pieces

Sylwia Apr 09, 2015

Cologne: The Spirit of Poland

Dobromila Jan 08, 2015

Berlin: Polish Design

Dobromila Jan 09, 2015