Issue 1 (3) 2015

The very first print issue

Wojciech Fangor ◦ Urlich Loock ◦ Wlhelm Sasnal ◦ Zorka Wollny ◦ and more

Cover designed by Oskar Dawicki

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of the very first print issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine this spring. The new print version will be released biannually, with a second issue following later this year. Our magazine will be the ultimate guide to the very best news coverage on contemporary art across the world.

Our decision to publish a limited run of the magazine stems from our desire to offer our readers a special bespoke edition of Contemporary Lynx; this magazine will offer the very best writing and content, and more generous exclusive articles and interviews with curators, artists, and writers.

Contemporary Lynx Magazine is a visual feast for the eyes. We have printed countless pages of beautifully photographed artwork, making your experience of reading our issue reminiscent of flicking through the pages of an exhibition catalogue. The print edition of Contemporary Lynx Magazine is a true collector’s item, a contender for the coffee table collection or bookshelf.

8 In the spotlight

10 Mind the Map

16 PostcART

18 Wojciech Fangor. Think Big

24 Wilhelm Sasnal. A Painting Is Like a Diary to Me

30 Oskar Zięta. Furniture of the Future

36 Zofia Zorka Wollny. I Wish to Reform Philharmonics

42 Oskar Dawicki. Time, Space and Popularity

46 Ulrich Loock

50 The Post-internet Moment

58 Young Polish Curators

64 Wojciech Bąkowski. Realising

66 Craft, Technology and History. A Kaleidoscope of Polish Design

72 Sputnik. Lost Territories

80 Collecting Photographs

84 Jack Richard Melkonian. My Passion for Eastern European Art

88 Tony Guerrero. A Day in the Life

92 Calendar


  • Griffin Art Space



  • Zofia Maria Cielątkowska,
  • Dorota Czerner,
  • Marta Kudelska,
  • Magdalena Niedużak,
  • Anna Tomczak,
  • Monika Waraxa,
  • Magdalena Anna Zięba


  • Bolesław Chromry

LYNX Team:

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