Break My Art, event, Warsaw, photo: Kamila Szuba

Mariusz Tarkawian: Pencil And Paper

Mariusz Tarkawian (b. 1983) is a prolific creator of drawings and comic books. He is above all an extremely meticulous and attentive observer of the art world. At the same time, he casts himself as the outsider who closely observes the art world to which he also belongs to. He collects images, and on that basis he forms his vision of the world order. He creates cycles of works, which might even include thousands of drawings scrupulously counted and marked by the artist. Through these lashings, collections, and tables, which often grow in all kinds of directions, he tries to understand — or visualise — and convince himself of what the development of art looks like. Where did it all begin? Where is it going? What does the word ‘art’ mean?

The basic tool of this artistic investigation is a pencil, marker, paper or wall. He often bases his investigations on archival documents that he finds at crime scenes, in other words, at cultural institutions and galleries. His own notes help him collect a network of links. These are recorded statements, reports from eyewitnesses — other artists; or material evidence — existing works of art, but also his own works.

Recently, Mariusz Tarkawian took part in the event “Break My Art” organised by Contemporary Lynx and PURO Hotels in Warsaw. During the whole evening he was making live drawing of people; an audience and guest speakers. See his drawings in our today’s post.


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