gomulicki event in Warsaw photo Dawid Nowok

Maurycy Gomulicki. Le Jardin Des Délices Électriques

Thank you for joining us at the White Villa on the 23rd of June. Together with LETO, and Biała during one of the shortest nights of the year, we had a chance to present you the magic garden of electric, neon light pleasure by Maurycy Gomulicki.

We would like to remind you that Maurycy Gomulicki is an author of a bold, impressive and lenticular cover from one of our archival issues – Contemporary Lynx Magazine 1(5)2016.

This third issue of Contemporary Lynx issue deals with the aesthetics of Eastern Europe during the 90s and so provides us with an exciting opportunity to analyse the relations of art, pop culture and the everyday life of that decade in connection to the things happening here and now.


Maurycy Gomulicki (born 1969) — artist, designer, photographer, anthropologist of popular culture, and a hedonist consistently promoting the culture of ‘delights.’ An intense colour, applied both in its vital potential and in a socio-cultural dimension, is an important element in his works. The author of numerous exhibitions and publishing projects. Known for his series of objects in public space in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Szczecin, and Tarnów. Lives and works in Poland and Mexico.


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