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Photostory: The Premiere of the New Issue of Contemporary Lynx in London!

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 09, 2021
interivew Katarzyna Jarząb, Courtesy of the artist

Grids and Lines In Conversation with Katarzyna Jarząb

Sylwia Krasoń Jan 20, 2021
review alicja wróblewska, polish art

Meet The Winners Of The Young Lynxes & Carte Blanche Prize

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 28, 2019
Bernard Jacobson, Frieze New York 2019 Photos by Mark Blower. Courtesy: Mark Blower/Frieze.

New York: Maria Anto, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Magda Moskwa, Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Contemporary Lynx Team May 02, 2019

Brussels: Marcin Dudek, Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 28, 2019
Interview Āmurs audio-visual performance, FOD in Bydgoszcz, photo by Darek Gackowski

The Majestic Nature Of Manufacturing On The Conceptual Sound Project Āmurs

Anna Dziuba Nov 22, 2018
Interview ŁUSKA [Scale] performance, Justyna Górowska

A Collage Made Of Symbols And Reflections An Interview With Justyna Górowska

Michalina Sablik Oct 20, 2018
review polish photography now roma piotrowska calvert 22

Is Polish Family Nuclear? Family Values. Polish Photography Now at Calvert 22.

Roma Piotrowska Jul 14, 2018
review gomulicki event in Warsaw photo Dawid Nowok

Maurycy Gomulicki. Le Jardin Des Délices Électriques

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 09, 2018
review magazines the best art magazines Roma Piotrowska

The Art Magazines Reviewed By Roma Piotrowska video

Roma Piotrowska Jun 13, 2018
review photo I Never Read

Our Subjective Guide Art Fairs And Exhibitions In Basel

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 13, 2018
art basel 2018

Basel: Starmach Gallery, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Raster Gallery, Stereo Gallery, Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 12, 2018
review art programme ‘Carte Blanche’ in Warsaw

Carte Blanche the premiere of a new experimental art programme

Contemporary Lynx Team May 02, 2018
art brussels 2018

Brussels: Ewa Axelrad, Marcin Dudek, Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 18, 2018
review BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, photo Yannick Sas

Art Brussels 2018 And Other Must-see Shows In The City

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 16, 2018
review Ewa Doroszenko, Future sex based on Parade, amoureuse by Francis Picabia, painting installation, exhibition view, The Starak Family Foundation, Warsaw, 2013

Meet The 12 Winners Of The Young Lynxes Portfolio Competition Have a look at the winners’ biographies

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 09, 2018
review Home Strike exhibition

Five Exhibitions And Events To Visit This Week In London 2018

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 12, 2018
review Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes

6 Art Competitions Worth Knowing The great opportunities for artists

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 12, 2018
review Contemporary Lynx,Calvert event

Photostory From Lynx’s Event In London featuring visual artist Magda Buczek drawing live

Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 07, 2018
Contemporary Lynx Magazine: An evening of live art and music

London: An evening of live art and music

Contemporary Lynx Team Jan 09, 2018
review Art Basel Miami Beach logo

Our Subjective Guide To Art Fairs And Exhibitions In Miami Beach The 16th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach

Michalina Sablik Dec 04, 2017
Akademia Rynku Sztuki

Poznań: The Academy of the Art Market

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 04, 2017
Interview Sharon Lockhart, Little Review, Polish Pavilion, 57. Venice Biennial, 2017, exhibition view, photo: Bartosz Górka

Little Review: Interview With Barbara Piwowarska (Curator) The Polish Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 12, 2017
review Joanna Piotrowska, Galeria Madragoa, Artissima Fair

Highlights From Artissima Fair and more

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 06, 2017
Artissima Fair 2017

Torino: Artissima Fairs 2017

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 31, 2017
Niech żyje papier 4 Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Berlin: Zorka Wollny, Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 13, 2017
review Rzeczownik & Notebook by Katie Leamon

Lynx Team Loves Paper. Long Life, Paper! 4 – Art Fair

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 14, 2017
indie magazine, contemporary lynx magazine


Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 18, 2017
review Amelia Ulman, Excellences & Perfection (2014)

Art & Science: Place For Art  Where is the space for art in the digital era?

Monika Kozub Aug 16, 2017
Lynx feat. Bflmpsvz invite to Hive Studio/ part of Hackney WickED.

London: CONTEMPORARY LYNX magazine + BFLMPSVZ Publishing

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 07, 2017
review Classique – Cover Art for Classical Music

What To Read This Week: 03 – 09 Jul

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 03, 2017

Basel: Liste Art Fair Basel – Contemporary Lynx, Maria Loboda, Gizela Mickiewicz

Contemporary Lynx Team May 29, 2017
review Contemporary Lynx Magazine 1(7)2017

A Life In A Weekend Making The Lynx Cover

Maggie Kuzan Apr 12, 2017


Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 14, 2017

London: LYNX Magazine Launch: Issue 3 at Calvert 22 Foundation

Sylwia Jun 20, 2016

Basel: LISTE Art Fair

Dobromila Jun 03, 2016
Lynx Magazine at Art Brussels

Brussels: Contemporary Lynx Magazine at the Art Fair

Sylwia Apr 22, 2016
Interview Atlas of Modernity, display view, photo P. Tomczyk, courtesy of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź

Muzeum Sztuki In Łódź Confronting Avant-garde With Modern Artistic Practice

Monika Kozub Feb 27, 2016
Interview Alicja Kwade

Somewhere Else At The Same Time… Interview with Alicja Kwade

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jan 15, 2016
review Abakanowicz

Magdalena Abakanowicz. Experiencing The Organic Art Textiles at Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery

Maja Lorkowska Dec 08, 2015
essay Michal Luczak, Brutal, photography

Brutal By Michał Łuczak "Katowice Railway Station" cycle

Dobromila Dec 08, 2015

Beauty Of Decay Polish Warsaw-based Artist Maess

Dobromila Oct 10, 2015

Cracow: Panel discussion about Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Sylwia Apr 19, 2015


Dobromila Mar 13, 2015

Contemporary Lynx Magazine #2 The second issue of our Magazine is out

Dobromila Aug 14, 2014

Contemporary Lynx Magazine 01 January 2014

Dobromila Jan 02, 2014