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Dear Readers,

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the second print issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine.

Working on the first edition proved to be quite a challenge and yet in the second issue we wanted to set the bar even higher. Contemporary Lynx focuses on the visual arts, design, photography and art collecting, but in this issue we also show the wider impact of arts on other domains; including how visual culture affects our social life (Selfie effect); how the economy can draw from the creativity of artists (Jerzy Hausner); how art becomes a way of life (Werner Jerke), and passion for art, which becomes integral part of business (Grażyna Kulczyk). In this issue we also talk to international curators (Éric de Chassey and Stuart Comer) who change the perception of Polish art abroad, and write how art inspires fashion, trends in music (sound art) and design for everyday use (ceramics). We also show art that highlights global problems relevant to people across the world (Joanna Rajkowska) and ask about the condition of contemporary art as a whole without drawing divisions among various research methods, domains and geographical locations.

Finally, we offer a look at art as a learning tool to explore cities starting from New York City and Berlin, co-created by artists from Poland and around the world. We wish to eliminate geographical distance by taking you on a journey to multiple cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Wrocław, London and Madrid. We give you an account of their vibrant atmosphere and the creativity of artists in shaping their artistic landscape.

After all, as the collector Erika Hoffmann tells us in the interview, art is an international language.

Editors in Chief: Dobromiła Błaszczyk & Sylwia Krason

The magazine is available with two different covers; left-handed and right-handed. The featured art is ‘Uzi’ by Joanna Rajkowska from the series Painkillers II (2015), in which the artists renews her on-going research in the paradoxical interrelation of military weapons and pharmaceuticals.

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