Zbigniew Łagocki, Walka, Jardin des Tuileries, Paryż, Francja, 1966

Zbigniew Łagocki: Photography

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 26, 2021
Interview Krakow Photomonth 2021, photo: Vira Kosina-Polańska

How do animals see the history?In conversation with Marta Bogdańska

Patrycja Głusiec Jun 29, 2021

7 New East Artists Worth FollowingMeet artists whose works, present different angles of the New East.

Patrycja Rozwora May 23, 2021
review Kuba Polaris Summer 2009, Year: 2009 / Medium: Photography / Dimensions: 120 x 95 cm

Kuba Bąkowski's "Magnetic Traces"Photostory

Inés R. Artola Apr 09, 2021
profile Darek Frotas, 'Nour'

Darek Fortas Nour. Visiting Cairo

Patrycja Rozwora Nov 19, 2020
review Igor Grubić, 366 Liberation Rituals, Scarves and Monuments

Portfolio: Igor GrubićMultimedia artist from Zagreb

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 28, 2020
Nan Goldin, Brian & Nan, 1983

Warsaw: Photography Classics and Avant-Garde

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 02, 2020
review Kenzie inside a Melting Glacier, Juneau Icefield Research Program, Alaska, 2016 c Lucas Foglia courtesy of the artist

On Earth – Imaging, Technology And The Natural WorldPhotostory

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 26, 2020

The Power Of ArtMovie by Werner Jerke - Museum Jerke

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 20, 2020
Interview Karol Radziszewski, The Power of Secrets, exhibition view, 2020, photo by Bartosz Górka

Karol Radziszewski:Recovering Subversive Meaning

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 05, 2020
review "Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks" exhibition, International Cultural Centre Gallery, Kraków.

Photobloc. Central Europe in PhotobooksThe history of the 20th century narrated through photobooks

Contemporary Lynx Team Jan 17, 2020

Portfolio: Agata WieczorekHer practice combines film, photography, and animation.

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 29, 2019
"Geometry of Imagination" - exhibition,the Gdańsk City Gallery


Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 25, 2019
jerzy lewczyński exhibition

Budapest: Jerzy Lewczyński

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 27, 2018


Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 31, 2018
Ewa Doroszenko portfolio contemporary lynx


Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 29, 2018
review 'Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums’ edited by Myram Omidi, published by Fuel, 2017

Four Photobooks On Different Types Of JourneysEnjoy the ride.

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 23, 2017
review Kuba Mozolewski, drawing, crayon on paper

Portfolio: Kuba Mozolewskiworks that do not directly relate to reality

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 25, 2017
review Fotofestiwal Łódź 2017

‘Can you imagine?’the sixteenth edition of Fotofestival in Łódź 2017

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 08, 2017
review lena prents

Postcart:Curator, Lena Prents Sent A Postcard

Dobromila Sep 05, 2016
essay Marcin Ryczek, A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow, © Marcin Ryczek

Marcin Ryczek: Seizing The Momentphotography

Magdalena Anna Zieba Aug 25, 2016
essay Bownik, Den, photography

Bownik. Things In ThemselvesHis large-format photographs deal with youths, reconstruction of values and the impact of technology on everyday life.

Sylwia Jan 28, 2016

Wroclaw: Tiff Festival

Dobromila Sep 03, 2015

Edinburgh: Kantor

Dobromila Aug 05, 2015

Polish Photography In HamburgThe Hamburg Triennial Of Photography

Magdalena Niedużak Jul 16, 2015

Berlin: Brodziak

Dobromila Jun 04, 2015

Cracow: Panel discussion about Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Sylwia Apr 24, 2015

London: Focal Point, Unit24 Gallery

Sylwia Mar 12, 2015

Stockholm: Orłowska

Dobromila Mar 12, 2015

Paris: Robakowski

Dobromila Mar 04, 2015

Karolina Jonderko - Portraits of TimeShe is called the hope of Polish photography.

Anna Dziuba Feb 27, 2015

Bratislava: Piasecki

Dobromila Feb 12, 2015

Toronto: Omulecki

Dobromila Jan 16, 2015

Everything Happened In The Distance…Agata Madejska

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jan 14, 2015

Liège: Kramarz, Łodzińska

Dobromila Nov 29, 2014

London: Lewczynski, Madejska

Dobromila Nov 26, 2014

Essen: Grzeszykowska

Dobromila Jun 14, 2014

Marek PiaseckiAn Eccentric And Visionary Artistic Phenomenon

Dobromila Mar 01, 2014