Joanna Rajkowska

Joanna Rajkowska, My Father Never Touched Me Like That, 2014, single channel video, colour, silent, 10"52'

Joanna Rajkowska My Father Never Touched Me Like That

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 25, 2022

Naked Nerve exhibition

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 14, 2021
review Staying with the Trouble exhibition

Photostory: 'Staying with the Trouble' An exhibition in London 'Staying with the Trouble' showcasing fourteen women artists

Anna Nowok Apr 21, 2021
review Oskar Dawicki, Playing with Granat, 2020, film, object, photo: Grzegorz Press/Zachęta archive

Polish Sculpture from Classic to Modern Form. Unearthly Bodies at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw

Patrycja Głusiec Mar 05, 2021
anna perech performance

London: Anna Perach, Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 28, 2019
Joanna Rajkowska

London: Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 29, 2019
Joanna Rajkowska sculpture frieze

London: Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 12, 2019
review palma Rajkowska


Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 03, 2019

London: Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 01, 2019
exhibition we the people

Banská Bystrica: Mateusz Kula, Agnieszka Piksa, Joanna Rajkowska, Kama Sokolnicka,

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 14, 2018
Interview Alicja Rogalska studio visit

We Need To Create Alternatives For The Future Alicja Rogalska In Conversation With Roma Piotrowska

Roma Piotrowska May 19, 2018
review BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, photo Yannick Sas

Art Brussels 2018 And Other Must-see Shows In The City

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 16, 2018
day of learning exhibition

Venice: Katarzyna Perlak, Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Nov 22, 2017
review The Others Art Fair

Our Subjective Guide To Art Fairs And Exhibitions In Turin 2017

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 30, 2017
Open City Festival

Lublin: 9th Open City Festival in Public Space 2017

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 16, 2017
faces exhibition

Dresden: Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 25, 2017
Konteksty2017 festival

Sokołowsko: Contexts Festival

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 04, 2017

Meet Five Female Artists Who Create Work In Public Space

Anna Nowok Mar 08, 2017
Joanna Rajkowska

Berlin: Rajkowska

Dobromila Aug 18, 2016

Kyoto: Kantor

Dobromila Oct 25, 2015

London: Rajkowska

Dobromila Oct 26, 2015

Cambridge: Rajkowska

Dobromila Jun 10, 2015

Sokolovsko: Contexts 2014

Dobromila Jul 23, 2014

Birmingham: Rajkowska

Dobromila May 24, 2014

Participation Not Necessary. Where The Beast Is Buried: Book Launch At The Showroom

Ania Ostrowska Jan 22, 2014

Polish Artists At Viennafair The New Contemporary 2013

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Oct 26, 2013

Ewa Łączyńska–Widz Director Of BWA Tarnów Talks About Her City, People And Contemporary Art

Sylwia Krasoń Aug 12, 2013