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Hidden behind the name CHINO, is Artur Oleś; DJ, producer and visual artist. Alongside DJ Olivia and Ola Nowak, he’s a co-creator of the „Radar” collective which organises many techno, acid and house parties in Cracow (for which we are immensely grateful).Chino searches for the Golden Mean, or rather the balancing point between „hi tech dreams and lo-fi reality”. He is deeply inspired by his surrounding environment, and here in his soundscapes you’ll find brutal techno and house, drum machines, FM synths, VHS & audio cassettes, and a stack of obscure electronica that resonates somewhere between  heavy communist concrete architecture, and a massive block of flats. It’s like a trip  through a non-existing mix of realities, where we would be listening to a modern variety of Detroit techno while standing on the street during the time of the Polish People’s Republic… Doesn’t it sound insane?


Her interests include: vinyls, cosmos, retro robots, mountains, the sounds of acid, techno, comics and 80’s…  Quite promising, aren’t they? 2005 was a breakthrough year for Chrono Bross, a collective Olivia formed with her brother. They became popular after playing two electro series’ called „Electro Futuro” and „Robot Anarchy”. What more can I say, apart from the fact that Olivia Ungaro really creates music from outer space. Now, enter their spaceship, and listen to her projects!


Kinzo Chrome describes their musical taste and inspiration, saying…

„(the) Music that moves us in a kind of a fusion of acid Avant-garde, and sounds from a cold, industrial reality – all mixed up with late 70s disco and really 80s Italo”

Chrono Bross is a collective formed in 2003 by a pair of siblings, Kinzo and Olivia. Since then they have not only dived into new electronic music, but they wanted to do something more — to share and spread these inspiring musical discoveries in Polish clubs, which turned out to be a demanding job, even a kind of challenge.  An impressive collection of vinyls and their open-minded approach enabled them and us to enjoy the variety of new sounds and electronic experiments they have worked over.  Thanks to their (and other audio-fans-fighters’) perseverance, electro, nu disco, acid house, Italo and techno have become a part of our local scenes, and our nightlife.


Jakub plays in a few bands, whose music style vary from noise rock to disco and electronica. He was closely connected with the artistic environment from Eufemia — the cafe-club in Warsaw, which unfortunately will be closed in May, despite the fact that it is a starting point for many recognizable and respected musical projects and collaborations. Jakub Lemiszewski was/is playing in (among others) a shoegaze band called Social Cream, punk Gołębie (Pigeons), black metal Sierś, and the disco-polo/synth-pop Duel Top.

His firs solo project was a cassette titled „30 minutes”. It can be described as clever plunderphonics — the manipulation of funny extracts from adds, TV shows and video games. Then in „MIXTAPE” the album he released two years later, he entered into the universe of dance music and started co-creating a footwork scene. This year, following on from a few other projects, Lemiszewski has released his new album „2017 [nielegal]” („2017 [illegal]”), which demonstrates that he keeps up to date with trends and he smartly uses meme culture, mixing its elements (using them as sonic and visual bricks) in truly ironic way. Some sonic-jokes, some gabba-like beats, all mixed with hidden, but recognisable references, and the energy of a peeved, smart and sarcastic teenager makes this album a must-listen.


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