ECH candleholder by UAU project

UAU Project: Say hello from your studio

UAU PROJECT is a design studio based in Warsaw, founded by Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski, graduates from Industrial Design Faculty on Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. They are exploring and experimenting with consumer-oriented 3D printing for use in home production. They believe that 3D printing is the best way to make good design sustainable & accessible and use either biodegradable or highly recyclable materials.

Your morning routine

Shower, breakfast and walk to the studio.

The first thing you do when you come to your studio

Coffee and then we check on our experiments and prints.

Instagram, Fb or no social media?

Instagram <3 

Magazines/books you read

We read New Yorker especially pieces on artists and writers. We both like American literature: Eugenides, Franzen and recently Vann.

Three objects which are essential at your work

Computer, 3d printer, filament. 

What are your favourite tools to help you to get the job done?

Grasshopper! it’s a programme that helps us create our unique algorithms. 

What inspires you and motivates you to get your work done?

Usually we can’t wait to see the final effect, because every single time we are amazed by the fact that our products basically grow in front of our eyes.

One funny story from your work

There are tons of them, once we were making apple cider and it exploded, everything was covered in it, literally everything our prints, desks, chairs, everywhere glass and it was just right before we cleaned our studio up. Fortunately it exploded during the night, so no one got hurt. However don’t do the apple cider in your studio 😉

The project you are working on right now?

We called it „Blurred Objects” it’s a collection of objects in which we use optical illusion and different textures, it’s very exciting.

What do you love about your job? What sucks?

We love that we can be really independent, that we work with our own rules. We hate it when the printer clogs! 

Hand-made or mass-production?

Something in between: serial production.

Do you work individually or with a team?

Team, we are the best team! And best friends 🙂 

ECH candleholder by UAU project
ECH candleholder by UAU project

How do you rest and relax after work?

We go play tennis or make coffee outside, it’s our ritual with friends to drink coffee outdoors and prepare it ourselves. Or just watching Netflix.

Do you have advice for anybody who wants to work in your field?

Be patient, work really hard, learn and experiment a lot.

Thank you. 

Say hello from you studio is a series of short interviews with inspirting and creative desginers.

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