Tadeusz Kantor


“There is still a large group of people who prefer to see art in person”. An interview with Kama Zboralska of the Warsaw Art Fair.

Aleksandra Mainka-Pawłowska Nov 22, 2021
review Oskar Dawicki, Playing with Granat, 2020, film, object, photo: Grzegorz Press/Zachęta archive

Polish Sculpture from Classic to Modern Form. Unearthly Bodies at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw

Patrycja Głusiec Mar 05, 2021
review The Krasnals, GOOD MORNING EUROPE – I’M COMMING HOME La Liberté guidant le peuple, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - tribute to E. Delacroix, 2015, oil on canvas, 65 x 92 cm

Step By Step: 5 Artworks To Buy On Collector’s Zone This September

Dominika Tylcz Sep 17, 2019
profile Bogusław Szwacz, Composition, 1948, oil, canvas, photograph by Zygmunt Gajewski

All Power To The Imagination!, Text written for the catalogue [fragments]

Contemporary Lynx Team Jan 19, 2019
review studio rygalik

Subjective Guide To Vienna Contemporary And Other Satellite Events. Check it out.

Contemporary Lynx Team Sep 24, 2018
witkacy exhibition wystawa

Düsseldorf: Stanisław Witkiewicz (Witkacy)

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 18, 2018
review Abstrakce.PL, Muzeum moderního umění Olomouc, photo: Zdeněk Sodoma.

The Abstract In Polish Painting 1945 – 2017 Abstrakce.pl

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 06, 2018
Interview Wild at Heart. Portrait and Self-portrait in Poland after 1989

A Personal Revolution. In Conversation With Sylwia Serafinowicz

Dobromiła Błaszczyk May 21, 2018
profile Iza Chamczyk, Liebestod, alkidy, nitro painting on canvas, 114x111cm. 2016

You Just Have To Look Carefully Izabela Chamczyk’s paintings

Contemporary Lynx Team May 09, 2018
tadeusz brzozowski exhibition

Wrocław: Tadeusz Brzozowski

Contemporary Lynx Team May 01, 2018
abstraction.pl exhibition

Olomouc: Abstraction.PL – exhibition

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 18, 2018
review Angelika Markul, The Unleashed Forces, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, courtesy of the artist

Collective Memory, Imperfect Human Being And Nature In The Works Of Angelika Markul

Dobrosława Nowak Feb 17, 2018
review Stefan Wojnecki in Adam Sobota, Nowe Horyzonty w Nowych Mediach Zjawiska Sztuki Polskiej w latach 1945-1981.

Photo Collectives That Brought Artists Together

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Sep 13, 2017
review What to read this week Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled (Choke), 2017, oil on canvas, 1.6 x 2 m, Courtesy the artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York

What To Read This Week: 8-14 May

Contemporary Lynx Team May 08, 2017
Grospierre The Wild West. A History of Wrocław’s Avant-Garde

Budapest: A History of Wrocław’s Avant-Garde

Dobromila Aug 19, 2016

Sokołowsko: Festival

Dobromila Jun 23, 2016
Exhibition of the Polish Contemporary Art at the Four Domes Pavilion


Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 29, 2016
review Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

Polish Artists: From Bochum To Marl

Dobromila May 06, 2016

Kyoto: Kantor

Dobromila Oct 25, 2015

Berlin: Kantor

Dobromila Oct 25, 2015

Kantor’s Return Marc Glöde On His Exhibtion ‘Inbetween Structures’

Maja Lorkowska Sep 04, 2015

Sao Paulo: Kantor

Sylwia Feb 03, 2015

Edinburgh: Kantor

Dobromila Aug 05, 2015

Edinburgh Festival: The Legacy of Tadeusz Kantor

Sylwia Jul 10, 2015

Following The Tracks Of Polish Artists In Venice Guide 2015

Dobromila May 06, 2015

Malmö: The Moderna Exhibition

Dobromila Jan 09, 2015


Dobromila Jul 02, 2014

Surreal Journey – Photostory “The Night of the Great Season” at the Kunstalle in Mulhouse

Sylwia Krasoń May 07, 2014

In Crisis Between Past And Present. Angelika Markul At Palais De Tokyo

Anna Tomczak Mar 25, 2014

Mulhouse: Surrealism

Dobromila Feb 24, 2014

Ewa Łączyńska–Widz Director Of BWA Tarnów Talks About Her City, People And Contemporary Art

Sylwia Krasoń Aug 12, 2013