Contemporary Lynx Magazine in Print

An international and independent publication for art, design, collecting and photography on visual culture.

With specially commissioned artwork, bespoke cover and a specific theme, it includes interviews with key figures in the art world and a range of insightful essays that debate current trends in arts.

The magazine is printed biannually on the premium paper with a special artistic cover and international distribution among others at the top art fairs worldwide. The first issue was launched in April 2015, following two online issues published in 2014. So far, we published sixteen issues on thorough-researched topics such as: Aesthetics of the 90s, Migration, New Media Art, Art for All, Artificial Intelligence and Visionaries, Animals, Food.

Our Covers

We believe in the power of a cover. All our covers are unique and stand out because we work closely with emerging artists, use special printing technique or even we hand-paint them. For instance: in 2017, we collaborated with street artist Sławek Zbiok Czajkowski.

He hand-painted every single magazine cover during a three-day-long artistic action at the art venue in Szczecin (PL). Zbiok, by using all the covers as a canvas, created an enormous work of art (11 x 16 m). Each reader could own a piece of his work.

Our readers

Our readers have an appetite for authenticity and a true passion for intelligent stories and beautiful artistic touch. They are educated, highly qualified, affluent, and dynamic readers. They believe in seizing life’s opportunities and seek new experiences through art, travel and are interested in other cultures. They describe themselves as optimistic, creative, and open-minded.

art programme ‘Carte Blanche’ in Warsaw

Lynx is read by people professionally involved in the art sector. They are artists, gallery owners, curators, culture managers, and collectors. Such professionals as corporate managers, employees of creative agencies and law firms, and art enthusiasts from various sectors also read the magazine.

Meet Us

You can meet our team all over the world. The contributors are spread across the globe to deliver first-hand information from art festivals and art fairs. You can find the magazine at one out of 18 international art fairs every year. Also, you can  grab your copy at one out of 40 design, art, and photography festivals where we are a media partner. 

The magazine is also distributed by Central Books and PolPerfect. It is available in selected shops and galleries in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, Canada, and Asia. A digital version of printed Contemporary Lynx Magazine is available on Magzter, the world’s largest magazine platform and e-edition on App and Play Store.