Polish art

review Geonauci, 1998-2004, bronze, different dimensions, about 5 x 3 x 3 cm each

Andrzej Dłużniewski –I Am Asked About Nothing

Karolina Jasińska Oct 04, 2019
Interview Pola Dwurnik, Suprise, oil on canvas, 150x210, 2016

“to Me Painting Is Celebration Of Life”An Interview With Pola Dwurnik

Maria Markiewicz Sep 20, 2019
Interview Maria Wasilewska, Game Over. Installation views at Amy-D, Milano, 2019

The End Of The Game.Interview With Maria Wasilewska

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 24, 2019
review 11603: Una Exposición en una Maleta, exhibition view

Exhibition In A Suitcase Flew From Warsaw To LimaThe idea shared by Ines R. Artola Rspread rapidly all over the Internet.

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 12, 2019
Interview Gukla’s slow design for kids and home

Gukla Design:Say hello from your studio

Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 05, 2019
essay Józef Robakowski, “Exercise for Two Hands,” filmed action, 1976 (operator: Zbigniew Warpechowski)

How It Was, How It Is And How It Could Be.Józef Robakowski

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 31, 2019
review Głowacki-Łukasz,-Forma-upadku,-performance---9,20-min

The 5th Piotrkowskie Biennale Of Art:Tribute To Andrei Tarkovsky

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 27, 2019
review Paweł Błęcki, polish artists

Portfolio: Paweł BłęckiMost of his works are an effect of long-term fascination with objects

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 26, 2019
Interview Nathalie Hoyos Rainald Schumacher © Office for Art, Berlin

Art Collectors:The Art Collection Deutsche Telekom

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 25, 2019
review olish-pavilion-venice-biennale

Polish Presence At The Venice Biennale2019

Roma Piotrowska Jul 23, 2019


Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 18, 2019
profile Radek Szlaga

3 Inspiring Artists’ Studios You Can Visit In BrusselsStudio Visit

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 16, 2019
review Slide from the Trees cycle

Władysław Hasior’s Photo NotebookImages Of A Past Reality

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 15, 2019
profile Stalowa Wola, workers' housing estate, before 1939, from National Digital Archives collection

Off The Beaten Track.Modernism In Poland, Lithuania And In The Ukraine

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 13, 2019
review Monika Wanyura-Kurosad, photo: Piotr Korzeniowski

The Art Of Sticking One’s Tongue OutCopernicus Festival 2019

Contemporary Lynx Team Jul 09, 2019
review “Stories of Old Age”, exhibition, the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok

“Stories Of Old Age”:How To Avoid Stereotypical Thinking About The Old Age?

Sylwia Krasoń Jul 06, 2019
profile Andrzej Wróblewski, Collectors Show, Libra's Auction House

Andrzej Wróblewski’s Extraordinary WorksFrom Private Collections

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Jun 29, 2019
Art Basel 2019


Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 19, 2019
profile Henrik Spohler, Hypothesis, Fotofestiwal 2019, Supernatural2

5 ArtistsTo Look Out For At This Year’s Fotofestiwal In Łódź

Patrycja Głusiec Jun 18, 2019
review Exhibition view of How to talk with birds, trees, fish, shells, snakes, bulls and lions at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin, 2018. © Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Thomas Bruns / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

“How to talk with birds, trees, fish, shells, snakes, bulls and lions”exhibition

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 15, 2019
Katarzyna Swinarska, "Innocent Colonies" exhibition, the Gdańsk City Gallery


Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 01, 2019
review Bartosz Zaskórski

Portfolio: Bartosz ZaskórskiYoung Lynxes Competition

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 29, 2019
Karolina Wojciechowska


Contemporary Lynx Team Feb 22, 2019
Interview Maja Bekan, Essential Environment No.1 Performance Class (2017) view of the performance class at action: Maja Bekan, 23 Assemblies (2017). Photo: Bartosz Górka, courtesy of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

Art Residency: Performance As A ToolIn Conversation With Maja Bekan

Maria Markiewicz Jan 12, 2019
review polish photography now roma piotrowska calvert 22

Is Polish Family Nuclear?Family Values. Polish Photography Now at Calvert 22.

Roma Piotrowska Jul 14, 2018
profile Iza Chamczyk, Liebestod, alkidy, nitro painting on canvas, 114x111cm. 2016

You Just Have To Look CarefullyIzabela Chamczyk’s paintings

Contemporary Lynx Team May 09, 2018
Interview „Can you hear me?” exhibition view, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2015. Photo courtesy of Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle.

Sound Forms A Very Subtle, Invisible Kind Of SculptureAnna Orlikowska

Michał Sypień Apr 28, 2018

Portfolio: Bartosz CzarneckiHis artistic practice includes painting, drawing and poster design.

Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 27, 2018
Installation view, Andrzej Wróblewski, David Zwirner, London, 2018. © Andrzej Wróblewski Foundation. www.andrzejwróblewski.pl.  Photo by Jack Hems. Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London


Contemporary Lynx Team Apr 14, 2018
review Home Strike exhibition

Five Exhibitions And Events To Visit This Week In London2018

Contemporary Lynx Team Mar 12, 2018
review Frieze Masters 2017, image Contemporary Lynx

Frieze MastersSee the highlights of this year’s edition in pictures.

Contemporary Lynx Team Oct 09, 2017
Interview artystyczna podróż hestii

Art Is Not An Accidental OccupationThe Hestia Artistic Journey

Dobromiła Błaszczyk Aug 12, 2017
The SURVIVAL Art Review, photo Dunvael Photography


Contemporary Lynx Team Aug 05, 2017
Interview Augmenting the World, Masaki Fujihata, LAZNIA Centre

Augmenting The World With Masaki FujihataInterview With The Exhibition’s Curator, Professor Ryszard W. Kluszczyński

Sylwia Krasoń Jun 17, 2017
essay Bownik, Den, photography

Bownik. Things In ThemselvesHis large-format photographs deal with youths, reconstruction of values and the impact of technology on everyday life.

Sylwia Jan 28, 2016

Sao Paulo: Kantor

Sylwia Aug 18, 2015

Citizens Of The WorldInterview with Dobrila Denegri

Anna Dziuba Jul 06, 2015

Cracow: Panel discussion about Contemporary Lynx Magazine

Sylwia Apr 24, 2015

Beijing: Polish Art from the 15th – 20th Century

Dobromila Feb 06, 2015


Sylwia Oct 06, 2014

Guided Tour Of Marek Piasecki’s ExhibitionMummery + Schnelle In London

Sylwia Apr 30, 2014